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IIT JEE Tips and Strategies from Experts 
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Post Re: IIT JEE Tips and Strategies from Experts
Here all these tips which you can share over here is really one of the technique to pass these exam in a very easy manner it will provide many advantages while performing in these exam.

Thu Apr 05, 2012 9:29 am
myEngg Generalissimo
myEngg Generalissimo
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Post Re: IIT JEE Tips and Strategies from Experts

Managing Parental Stress is the Way to Achieve Success if taken it in a Positive Manner

Both the students and their parents are always anxious about the board exams. This is the cause for the growth of the Coaching centers for Every Engineering Entrance Exam. After completing the 12th the Students will be in extreme pressure as they have to prepare for the Entrance Exam which are the means for the admission in to the prestigious Institutions for doing professional courses in India. All the students who have scored good marks in Intermediate can’t become successful engineers or doctors and make successful careers in their field. Parents will expect a lot from their child, As they are working hard for the future of their child. They have some expectations as they are providing all the resources. So they are completely right to expect some thing from you, you have to try to reach their expectations. Most of the time the students will be under pressure because of their parents expectations. Some of the parents will reveal their expectations in front of their children, but most of them don’t know those words will create a huge amount of pressure on their children and this may effect the student in good way and also in bad way based on the students caliber.

Pressure is good, But Excess of pressure leads to failure :

If the aspirant takes the pressure in a positive way this will help you to give 100%, with out pressure some times you will not be able to reach your target as well. It is same as you will complete the year’s portion in a quarter because of pressure. If the aspirants take pressure in a negative way that may lead the aspirants towards stress, excess of stress leads the aspirants to wards failure. Its their expectations that the parents are revealing before you, its up to you how you can deal with the pressure. One of the best way to avoid the pressure is just to do what your parents need exactly from you, most of the parents expect from you is to come home in time, do your home work, scheduling your time, preparing for the exams accordingly, finally performing better in the exams. they doesn’t force you if you are showing the better results, that will give them a fell that you will reach their expectations and they will not force you to do so, this shows that you are maintaining co-operative relation ship with your parents that reduces parental pressure. Its better to prevent a disease rather than curing after being effected. If you won’t give chance to you parents any reason to apply pressure on you, then it will not happen. If you are a person who is already experiencing parental pressure, they need to find try to discuss it with your parents and tell them regarding the problem that you are facing. Try to do yoga daily this will reduce some pressure on you and you can plan your daily schedule and go a head with your preparation. Tips to get out of the Parental Pressure :

* Parents will be expecting that you should study well and succeed in life, you are working towards that and you have to create that trust on you to your parents
* If you fell uneasy with the parental pressure, let them know regarding the pressure that you are facing and how it is going to affect your studies
* Study in a planned manner, if you are focusing on your studies on daily basis that will give a good inspiration for you.
* Just think about what your parents are expecting from you when you are wasting time for useless activities.

Fri Nov 23, 2012 8:21 pm
myEngg Generalissimo
myEngg Generalissimo
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Post Re: IIT JEE Tips and Strategies from Experts

Hi Friends,

Board Exams, JEE Mains and Other Exams – Preparing for all the Exams in Short Period of time

JEE 2013 – The Exam on which most of the Engineering aspirants are focusing on. Previously there was another alternative for them in the form AIEEE and as of now the aspirants who want to get admission in the NITs should also appear for JEE advance and mains. We are about to complete 2012 and enter in to year 2013, this means all the Board Exams and Other Engineering Entrance Exams are approaching and this is the peak time for the aspirants who are facing tension regarding their preparation. One can over come this tension by planning our resources for the preparation.

As the time is approaching to prove their ability, the students need to be more stable and focused at their preparation approach. At this point of time the aspirants should not think about number of books, name of the publishers that are found in the market. One must co-ordinate their preparation should not effect their board exams. they have to manage time so that they can focus on Board exams along with JEE Mains by the end of the day. Every aspirant will try their best to get on, but they should also keep these factors in mind as well : Less time, New pattern, New Ranking criteria, Percentile merits, Tie Break issues and these factors tells us not only to work hard but smarter as well.

The aspirants or the students who are going to appear for JEE mains and the Board exams are needed to understand that the questions given in the exams which may be easy or tough will be based on some concepts, so focus on the concepts this will be really helpful for the aspirants. Most of time the aspirants will focus on tough questions and ignore the concepts in the High Level Preparation. One must know the fact that if we are good at concepts then we can easily solve the questions. This will be helpful for both Entrance Exams and Board exams as well.

Most of the aspirants around the country may have a single question to ask if they find the right person to answer their question. The question Is How to prepare for the Board exams and stay in touch with the Entrance Exam preparation. But the answer is simple “Being good at Concepts and Keep on Practicing”. The aspirants are suggested to go through the NCERT books as they are the books which are prepared based on the major concepts, going through these books will give an aspirant with good concept base. The next thing you have to do is to practice by solving various question papers from various publishers and solve the problems based on the concepts which you have learnt b going through the NCERT Books. This approach of preparation will be really useful for the aspirants for getting prepared with JEE Mains, other Entrance Exams and Board Exams as well.

This is not a small process and it may take huge time as well. The success of the student lies in his planning to go a head with the preparation with in the time factor. One has to set a time for each chapter in each subject and should get hold of the concepts in that chapter in that point of time, one more thing that the students should not do while they are under preparation is not to postpone any of the chapter saying we can do that later, because it effects your preparation. The major thing in this preparation is one must learn from the mistakes they have committed in the past and not to repeat the same next time. Finally when the exam time comes the aspirants with anxiety or with an urge to answer more questions they loose their control and this leads to reduce the score of the aspirant in the name of Negative marks.

So Guys, Stay relaxed,.

Be good at concepts, Keep on Practicing an mostly stay focused and believe yourself by working consistently…..

Good Luck Guys..

Fri Nov 23, 2012 8:23 pm
myEngg Young Blood
myEngg Young Blood

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Post Re: IIT JEE Tips and Strategies from Experts
great informative post i just love it keep it up!!!!

Fri Aug 30, 2013 6:38 pm
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