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IIT JEE toppers interviews and tips 
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myEngg Generalissimo
myEngg Generalissimo
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Post Re: IIT JEE toppers interviews and tips
Advice on Physics by another IITIAN

When I went to give IIT (yr 2003) (I got AIR 306 .), I hoped of getting 45-50 marks out of 60 (physics happens to be the first paper). Very soon, I realised that my hopes were to be vanquished. I couldn’t solve the
1st question itself (which demoralised me before writing a word). But the real cracker was yet to come. Magnetism+Rotation+equilibrium , that too in a single question!!!. Man! What have I come to!! I thought. Then thoughts of my father standing outside the exam centre started troubling me. I tried to give in my best but could manage only 32-34 marks out of 60. Such is physicspaper of jee. So next time you pick Irodov , don’t think you are wasting your time on tough problems . If properly solved, you would be much more confident than others (at least more confident than me).

Maths and Chemistry are not so tough as physics..problems can be doable if some thinking is applied..

Books :

Physics.. HC Verma , Irodov , NCERT 11, 12th
Chemistry : RC Mukherjee , OP Agarwaal , FIITJEE notes for Inorganic , Brilliant Tut of Organic part
Maths : SL Loney for coordinate , FIITJEE and Brilliant Tutorial for others..

Solve last 15 years question papers only when you think your prepration for JEE is done..which is normally around in February..If you give less importance for 12th board..then that is good..make sure u get 60 % ..

Also , as per a member , some students start preparing for JEE from 8th ..But 2 years of serious prepration is enough.. I did the same , and got good rank..So can any one else.

As a matter of fact , most of the students who I know have high ranks like under 100 have better marks in 40 + out of 60.
Also , if you think I was poor in Physics , then I was not .. I was among the top 1 % of the students who sat for Indian nationall Physics olympiad in 12th standard ..So decide for yourself.. :-)

Sat Jun 13, 2009 9:43 pm
myEngg Generalissimo
myEngg Generalissimo
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Post Re: IIT JEE toppers interviews and tips
Advice from 2002 IITIAN ... 833-1.html

I graduated from IIT Madras in July 2002 with a B.Tach in Materials Scinece and Metallurgical Engg. I would have the following things to say regarding any aspring candidate who wants to study in any of
the IITs.

1.Firstly if you really want to be there, then you have to stop thinking as to what would happen in case you dont qualify the exam. Positive thinking helps big-time and along with it comes also the determination to work harder.

2.You should make sure that you do-not linger on any problem for days while preparing. remmember this is only an entrance exam and no research confrence or something. You aim is to get into these institutions and not to research things before you did so. I never spent more than a couple of days if I got stuck on any problem,. and this itself was quite rare.

3. I did not take a clssroom coaching, but I do not say that they are bad. You have only to be sure that you are choosing the right one. I would strongly not recommend you to leave your home and stay somewhere outside when you are preparing. Staying at home and preparing is the best way to do so. However incase there is no other way and you HAVE to leave your house and stay somewhere else in order to prepare for this exam then do so. But think about this well before you take this step.

4. Finally on the D-Day, try to solve the easier questions before you jump to the harder ones. Doesnt matter the easier ones come later. Your aim is to get maximum points and not to write a thesis.

Guess the above suggestions help. Good Luck.

Sat Jun 13, 2009 9:50 pm
myEngg Generalissimo
myEngg Generalissimo
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Post Re: IIT JEE toppers interviews and tips

Another piece of motivation ... 749-1.html

Hi all, This is my first review ever of anything in life... Will try my best to enlighten the whole process of IIT entrance and then the experience of being there and then finally, what can
you expect as return of all these pains... so the story begins when you reach class 11...

You begin with preparing as soon as possible... now, if you are the one who is highly motivated and love to learn on your own, then just take some postal coaching material, and books like TMH for maths which is a MUST, HC Verma or Resnick for physics and believe me irodov is no longer required, and finally, OP Agrawal for inorganic chemisty, one for physical chemistry like RC ( something starting with R i forgot the real name) and finally you may like to study some advanced text like IL Phinar etc for organic but i think it may be too much to ask for... if, you are not that motivated or find it hard to learn on your own, then join some contact program...

For two years study hard and focus only on understanding concepts and solving problems. .. cramming is not a good policy for iit and it does not help either... by the time you are nearing the exams, you should start taking lot of tests also... apart from regular all india level tests which many coachings organize, also take take home postal tests and yes, dont forget good question series like YG file etc... this will equip you well for coming challenge... now, the motivation part... why should you study for iit at all... is it worth the pain...

So friends, placement is one of the best one can get, reputation is world class and getting to US will be cakewalk... beginning salaries may be as high as 12 lakh per annum in rare cases though... you may easily get 3-4 per annum if you are reasonably serious about your studies... and dont forget the fun and frolic at iit...

Probably no other institute in india is as well funded as iits and that reflects in the excellent infrastructure they have... you can play games all nite in computer center if you want to, rooms have an excellent 2 mbps network connection, and there is an intranet which runs on 2 gbps backbone which means that movies take 2 mins to download....

Yes really.... however, food and grils are two things which you will have to forget if you really make it to iits... at iits, beauty X brains = constant and yo ucannot get idiots to iits... so well... that sums it up....

Sat Jun 13, 2009 9:52 pm
myEngg Generalissimo
myEngg Generalissimo
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Post Re: IIT JEE toppers interviews and tips
Another valuable advice ... 705-1.html

You don’t need to be a genius to clear the JEE- just proper time management, hard work along with usage of the right books and other resources could fetch you a good rank. Let me elaborate
on a few points of importance, based on my experiences:

This is the most important thing. Ideally you must start off just after your 10th std. You could join a good coaching institute- but that’s a personal decision. If you think you can manage your time between school, the coaching and self study, then its a good choice. Else, you’ll be wasting your time completely- leaving you stressed out and no time for self study.

Once you start, you must build up the amount of time you devote to studies. As you move along, you will realise that you’ll need to cut short on extra curriculars and stick to your books. I know its difficult, but sheer desire of getting a good rank should pull you through each day. After all, you have the rest of your life to chill out after these two years!!

There are numerous books and guides in the market- it could all become a bit too overwhelming. I would suggest you master the basic 11th-12th std texts prescribed to you in school before going for other books. You could think of reading Halliday resnick for Physics, and SL Loney for Math as well. Once you know the basics, you can tackle any problem.

5 months before the JEE should be a time for intense study. Don’t let any distractions bother you. I would suggest doing all MCQ’s from the 3 MCQ books, and solving problems from books like Arihant, Irodov, Piskunov,etc. Take an ALL India Mock screening test- the ranking should be indicative of your level of preps.

Most importantly, maintain a high level of confidence. After all, writing the JEE is all in the head. Anyone that has mastered the basics well and remains single minded can achieve their goal. I’m sure you will too!

Sat Jun 13, 2009 9:53 pm
myEngg Generalissimo
myEngg Generalissimo
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Post Re: IIT JEE toppers interviews and tips
Small advice from Vivek, IIT Bombay ... 821-1.html


This is Vivek, in my final year B.Tech. at IIT Bombay.

Some of you wanted tips on how to prepare for IIT JEE, the answer is ’’ 99% perspiration 1%
One should be very serious about the way he/she prepares fot IIT. Just doing lot and lots of problem won’t help. You have to recognize the pattern which IIT JEE follows, the level of toughness they give and the level of toughness you can handle.

What I found was that doing previous years JEE problems help a lot in understanding the complexity of the job involved.

Apart from that, go to some good tutor, which might help in solving your personal doubts. Follow good books, like I followed H.C. Verma and Irodov for Physics, Morrison and Boyd for organic chemistry, Krishna’s publication for inorganic and physical chemistry, and Asit Dasgupta for maths. Also recently a publication called Arihant publication had published quite good books. These will help all the aspirants a lot.

Finally devot time for studies and be true to yourself, and I assure you will clear JEE
Wishing all the JEE aspirants all the best,


4th year B.Tech.
Department of Met. Engg. and Mat. Sci.
IIT Bombay

Sat Jun 13, 2009 9:54 pm
myEngg Generalissimo
myEngg Generalissimo
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Post Re: IIT JEE toppers interviews and tips
Another advice ... 819-1.html

IIT JEE Preparing Guide:
As far as I am Concerned The ideal time to start preparation is at the beginning of 11th class.Students are fresh after the break from boards and a lot more
can be learnt.Students who start late often end up leaving some key topics of 11th class JEE syllabus.

Also ,if you start your preparation in 12th class then the amount of hard work is increased manifold due to additional pressure of 12th boards,so chances of getting a high rank in JEE goes down.There is a big transition from the mugging up study of 10th class to more understanding based study of 11th class.So you shouldn’t get bogged down by seeing the level of complexity in JEE exam.

The first two or three months should be spent in revising your basic concepts (topics like algebra,mecanics) which had been taught in 9th class.Concepts in topics like algebra,mechanics and stoichiometry should be studied in great detail as they also form the basis for other topics and are very scoring.

There should be no doubt in your mind about these concepts.For these ,develop the habit of inquisition.Clear all your doubts so that mentally you feel confident tackling any concept.A key in this area is problem-solving.Regular problem solving not only strengthens the concepts ,but also increases your mental sharpness which is must for JEE.

Initially problems of low level should be tried and only when you have mastered them,you should go on to solving intricate JEE type problems.You should have systematic plan for the preparation of JEE.Regular hours should be allotted to mastering concepts and problem-solving.

It is not necessary to memorise the lessons and formulae.Understand the derivations of formulae and apply the formulae to solving problems.Slowly these formulae will settle down in your brain and you will be able to recall them under any situation.What is required is a clear understanding and an easy familiarity with the concepts and laws.

Maximum attention should be paid to solving problems.Try to be analytical rather than being intutive.Remember that hardwork pays! You should first take up a problem and try to solve it yourself.You should understand what is given and what is required,recall what principles,laws,equations are involved.Don’t hurry to see the solution as I doesn’t help you to learn.Only when you’ve pondered over it over a long time and unable to see any light ,should you see the solutions.

Solve as much as you can. You would be insulting yourself and seriously hurting your chances of success if you skip these problems or make half-hearted attempts in solving them.An other very important aspect of your JEE preparation will be the coaching institute ,whose importance and selection procedure will be delved into in the next section.

I would recommend Correspondence course by Brilliant Tutorials for all aspirants

Guidence for Classroom course ------

This is one of the most important topics which often decides your rank and hence your career. IIT- JEE coaching has become far too commercialised.Hundreds of coaching institutes have come into existence,claiming hundreds of ranks. It is the student who falls prey to all these gimmicks and often ends up with either a low rank of failure at JEE.So before joining any coaching institute you should see that the institute should have a strong reputation. Some tips for choosing the right institute are:

*See how old the institute is.
How many students of the coaching institute got into IIT last year.(Ideally should be greater than 40).Ask the institute to give phone nos. of the successfull students ,so that you can confirm.
Talk to 3 or 4 students(should be studious)who are already studying in that institute.Ask them what they feel about the teachers and the management(very important!) of that institute.

*See the experience of the faculty

*See the level of problems in the assignments and whether the study material is regularly updated or not.By when do they plan to finish the syllabus.

*Finally,see if your parents can pay the fees(generally very huge).

For students living in areas with no coaching institutes or transportation problems, a postal coaching is a must.

Some tips for postal coaching are:

Most important tip is that the coaching institute that you choose should have a very strong reputation
See whether the sets are despatched on time.

Talk to students who have already enrolled for that institute,and what they feel about the depth of coverage and problem sets.

See how many postal tests,on-the-spot tests and lecture sessions are there.These are must for removing doubts and strengthening the concepts

Remember that this single decision can affect your entire life.
Another very important aspect of JEE is the books that you choose,which is being handled in the next section.

Books like h.c verma , o.p agarwal and m.l khanna are extremely important. If possible refer to resnick halliday, irodov for physics. Use morrision boyd for Chemistry .

Remeber hard work leads to success.
If anything else is to be discussed do ask me.

Sat Jun 13, 2009 9:58 pm
myEngg Generalissimo
myEngg Generalissimo
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Post Re: IIT JEE toppers interviews and tips
Ok. so since yall want more info on the books to buy for your quest to reach the most prestigeous insti in India in the field of technology and engi- da IIT

well nowadays 95% of the ppl that get
selected in those 4000 sumthin ( which will soon become 5000 something) have formal training fromm the many ’’coaching centres’’ whose ad’s fill more than 70% of mathematics today magazine. and most of these places supply their own material, which in fact is made by plagiarism. anyways thats not the aim here, the aim is just to let yall know what all books are well...good enough for the jee.

well let me go subject wise.
TMH is good for solved examples, though this book doesnt have enough exercises, but then if ya cover the solution, a solved example is but a problem. each chapter has about 100 solved examples. and plz plz buy the latest edition. this might be around 450 bucks
This bloke’s book has decent set of problems too. but ya knw in maths there is a lotta herapheri, you’ll see that most of the question are solved in TMH.

plz plz plz dont buy ML Khanna or RD sharma and the likes. These are just huge bums with lot of ’’ i mean’’ lot of shit. i mean do you really want 40 examples each subtopic. and from what i’ve heard, ML khannna has only solved examples. anyways i dont have it, so shouldn’t you.

do get DIFFERENTIAL CALCULUS AND INTEGRAL CALCULUS by Amit Agarwal by ARIHANTH, each RS 200. these are gr8 books the level of problems is good and so is the collection. you wont find much of these problems in other books

also for theory on calculus do get Thomas and Finney by Pearson Education ABOUT Rs 500, though bargaining will modify that.
This is a gr8 book and should be renamed ’’ calculus for dummies’’. it has lot of good examples, exercises, in depth theory, formulas, diagrams etc. and dont forget the CD.

then there’s the usual SL Loney, Shanti Narayan, Piskunov for vector,trigonometry and all that and calculus.

also must must must is ’’ play with graphs’’ by amit agarwal.... arihanth publications.
its superb. help you transform graphs and shit. very useful for mains and screening.

for other topics such as progression, inequalities, probability, school stuff along with solved examples should do.

also dont forget MCQ by bharati bhawan publications. and KD JOSHI should be read after completion of the chapter since its more of a revision book and not for a first timer. also KD has only JEE AND OLYMPIAD PROBLEMS .

if ya have cash left as well as the time, then get 3000 SOLVED PROBLEMS IN MATHS BY SCHAUM SERIES, by TMH.


for mechanics: un doubdtedly DC PANDEY IS THE BEST!!!!!!! but forst refer to the theory by resnick and h c verma.
also, for chapters like rotational mechanics
a book called interactive physics by MTG( RS 120) is excellent, because its the only book of its kind in the market, you’ll see why.

for thermodynamics resnick halliday and krane is the best, though you can refer to h c verma for theory and DC PANDEY for problems

electricity,magnetism etc again DC pandey and Resnick and school stuff must do(we havnt done it yet so i wudnt know)

solve irodov, problems in physics iff u have time

atkins is pretty good. the basics include OP AGARWAL, OP TANDON. problems from bahadur, this has all the problems in the world but little theory. the solved examples are betta than the actual exercise.

JD LEE is god book, also your school text book, op agarwal tandon and arihanth for problems will do.

morrison and boyd is the god book.
solomons and fryhle is darn good too. besides this essesntial is peter sykes : reaction mechanism. schaum series for last minute practice. tandon is ok for beginners. and arihanth for problems: beware it has many wrong answers.

apart from this you can also get stuff by brilliant, apex, FIITJEE
must: subscription to PCM TODAY and PCM refresher. trust me the facts are consie and the selection of problems is gr8.
and also if you have access to net do enrol for the free course by apex knowledge city. it sends you free question every thats like 100 question every month per subject. and whats more that give you free notes on mechanics and calculus.



Sat Jun 13, 2009 10:00 pm
myEngg Generalissimo
myEngg Generalissimo
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Post Re: IIT JEE toppers interviews and tips
Lessons from someone who has wasted time during XI class, if you want to learn from others mistakes ... 518-1.html

Well, i know that JEE is considred as the one of the toughest exams conducted in INDIA.
I wouldn’t talk about things that have been discussed already
in almost every review.

This review is meant specially for those like me who have wasted away all their XI class time in reading books like irodov and dc pandey.
Seriously i dont say that they r bad but are too lengthy for doing.

Also you all have to study for 4 hours on school days and 8 hours otherwise.U should also practice for studying for 3-4 hours continuously as it improves your performance in EXAMS.These study hours are exclusively for JEE studying.

Another important issue is about the CBSE boards , your parents must be after u all as many of u would have been top scorers in class X boards. But as u know that u have to sacrifice something for gaining other things .Convince your parents not to bring their ego(their respect if u score good in school exams) between you and your JEE preparation.Tell them to wait for an year more and then they would feel proud that their son/daughter is in IIT.

Another question is about the ideal study time .Well it can be any time but i prefer night hours as the best study time -- spl. after 11 pm.As their is nobody to disturb you at that time.And another advantage is that then u go to sleep in school and you are saved from the boring lectures that the school teachers give to you.Also remember that u should waste minimum time to prepare for your school exams . I feel that a one day study is enough for them(at least for XI)

Aso try to build a company of friends who are seriously studying for JEE as it helps u to know new questions and concepts. Also i would request u all to play some kind of sport or musical instrument as only study for 1.5 years at a stretch is not possible.

I seriously recommend those who are preparing for JEE not to waste any time in petty issues like deciding which book to read . And ANOTHER WARNING --

STAY AWAY FROM GIRLFRIENDS as they are the time wasters .If you have a girl friend then immediately leave her as they tend to cause lack of concentration.

Now let us get down to some books that r useful


1.Brilliant Tutorials’ modules and YG file.
2. TMH Mathematics
3.Your coaching institute’s module


1.Brilliant Tutorial’s module
2.Solomon’s organic chemistry
3. P. Bahadur’s Problems in physical chemistry
4. Ur Coaching institute’s module

Physics --

1. DC pandey (Objective only)
2.H.C Verma
3. Brilliant Tutorial’s module (YG file)
4. UR coaching Institute’s module

Do NOT waste any time in studying NCERT TEXTBOOKS as they are very confusing and once you read them you are even confused with the things you know though MATHEMATICS NCERT is GOOD to prepare for school exams.AND ALSO has some questions of JEE standard.

Seriously believe me that the above mentioned books are sufficient for preparing for JEE and I am finding them very useful.BE positive and believe in yourself.

Hope to see u all as a succesful JEE candidate.REMEMBER that u are the only one who can help yourself in getting through JEE.Do not listen to what ur family members say .

As for getting into IIT 2 - H’s are important HARD WORK and HUMILITY

Sat Jun 13, 2009 10:02 pm
myEngg Generalissimo
myEngg Generalissimo
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Post Re: IIT JEE toppers interviews and tips
information rather than advice

Asmore and more engineers are churned out every year from the scores ofcolleges in the country, the one name that commands immediate attentionand respect is that of the IITs, which represent the dreams andambitions of thousands of young students, who hope to be one of theselect few to pass out with the tag of an ’IITian’.

But what is it that makes the IITs so special? And why is there, this frenzied rush to get into IIT?

The IITs were established with the goal of providing qualityeducation in engineering and the sciences - an education that wouldtrain its engineers and scientists to be innovative and inventive andrank among the best in the world. As the premier technologicalinstitutes of the country, the IITs have always endeavoured to keep ourcountry at the forefront of technical advancement and have contributedrichly to research and development. The education at the IITs compareswith none other - and this possibly explains why so many youngstersdream of being an ’IITian’. And to choose the best among these manythousands of aspirants, is an intensely competitive selectionprocedure, held each year - the JEE and for B.Tech., GATE for M.Tech.and individual subject entrance tests for M.Sc. admissions.

JEE - the Joint Entrance Examination for admission to the B.Tech.programme, is held annually in two stages - a screening test inDecember and the main examination in May. Students are tested in threesubjects - Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry. JEE enjoys thereputation of being one of the most fairly conducted examinations inthe world and is extremely competitive as well, attracting over1,50,000 candidates every year. Its papers are famed for their’difficulty’ levels - questions in JEE are not run-of-the-mill, seekingmere plugging in of values into formulae. What the JEE paper looks forin an examinee is a thorough understanding of the fundamentals coupledwith the ability to think laterally, a powerful combination that cansubdue even the most ominous -looking problem with an elegant solution.

You may be wondering if the IITs themselves provide any coaching. Theanswer to your question is a qualified "yes". IIT does not provide anyinstructions as coaching for students who will be taking JEE. Studentsbelonging to the reserved category are urged to take advantage of thispreparatory course.

The IITs organise JEE jointly andpublish notices in leading newspapers, calling for applicants. Theyalso send brochures to hundreds of schools and institutes, to increaseawareness about the examination. Of course, your friends, schoolmatesand relatives will also be of assistance to you in this regard, sharingwith you the knowledge that they possess about IIT and the JEE. And thebest source would probably be an ex-IITian who has experienced it allhimself/herself! It has been observed, however, that such sources ofinformation are not always accessible to students from the rural areas.Statistics show that a majority of students who join the IITs are frommetropolitan areas; the number of students from rural areas is verysmall, mainly because of the lack of information.

IITs havea very low acceptance ratio; (Ratio of number of students selected andnumber of students applied) nearly one and a half lakh students sit forIIT JEE every year & merely 3000 can make it to IIT, but thisdoesn?t make it a very tough competition to crack. Try to understandme, to quote figures?. in JEE 2003 my total was 92/180 in the mains& I got AIR (All India Rank) 406 where as my roommate having totalof 95 got AIR 235 (JEE gave individual marks in 2003) that meansgetting marks nearly 55% will give you a good rank in JEE. Think awhile you have to solve just half a paper to get through JEE!

First general fundais...?Don?t suffer with ?excusitis? (cf. appendicitis). Don?t givearguments like I?m a Gujarat board student, belonging to a city fromwhere no one has got selected in this particular exam till date?..Sohow can I think of?

Trust me you areunique; every one is unique, it is matter of fact that we can?tcompare people. Imagine a situation, you aspire to become CEO of acompany like ?Infosys? , if you will tell this ambition to your friendsimagine what their reaction will be? I don?t think any of them willgive you a sound suggestion to achieve this goal, rather it ispossible some of them may laugh on you. But if you ask any companyCEO, he will tell you the way to achieve that, certainly he won?t laughon you.

To clear IIT JEE you need a conceptual approach I think you might have heard this sentence hazzar times. But what does this conceptual approach means?

Conceptualmeans you have to know how you actually proceed while solving aproblem, you must know why you have adopted a particular approach whilesolving and why not one you had just learned. JEE is not going to be?eat & vomit? examination. You can?t crack the examination just bycramming the formulae.

You will find some students in IIT whostarted there preparation for JEE right from there class 9th,somepreparing since 11th ,and to your surprize you will find some whoactually never prepared for JEE. Confused? The reason of this ambiguityis word ?preparation?. Preparing for JEE doesn?t mean joining coachingclasses nor it means reading bulky books containing plethora ofinformation for 10 hours or so, but it means reading whatever you readwith a purpose in mind??.purpose being how this information can beuseful, purpose being how they can ask this in JEE, In short using yourtime most efficiently, thinking of JEE also apart from your class XIthor XIIth preparation.

So the conclusion isyou have to do your best, I remind you, your best means giving yourfull efforts for doing hard work every day till JEE.

Sat Jun 13, 2009 10:21 pm
myEngg Generalissimo
myEngg Generalissimo
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Post Re: IIT JEE toppers interviews and tips
another advice from a IITIAN ... 141-1.html

well m nt an i hope ma experience is definitely of help to the future aspirants.first things first,clearing iitjee isnt jst abt d prescribed buks,takin tests n blah blah...i guess its more

abt d attitude.....isnt dat d mst crucial thing in life!i m almost certain i had laid ma hands of innumerable buks durin ma preparation time bt dat cudnt help me clearin it....if i have 2 single out 1 mst factor dat held me back.....i wud call it d right attitude..lemme tell u hw....maths was ma strngest guess wat i screwed up maths paper.....n did resonably well enof in oder subjects........m takn abt iitjee 2006......ya d iitjee wich was full of suprises!so all u dere knw dat its more bat preparing mentally dan practisin loadz of questions........if i m nt wrng iitjee cutoffs lie arnd 45% at d mst (tho dere hav been news evryde of individual cutoofs beieng as low as 0 in physics :) i doubt dat ya dis statistics clearly sugggests u need nt b master in evry topic or need 2 complete d entire syllabus thoroughly as evry1 emphasizes on......its more abt selecting ur strength areas n wrkn on dat......say u concentrate on 80% of d entire syallbus n let d rest go 2 hell......m being realastic here.....come on its nt easy 2 balance boards n entrance tests prep at d same do d best u can.........n ya please avoid takin drop unless u have no intentions of doin post graduation.....n i m sure if ur efforst r sincere u all wud land up in d top engineering institues if nt IIT

Sat Jun 13, 2009 10:25 pm
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