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IIT JEE toppers interviews and tips 
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myEngg Generalissimo
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Post Re: IIT JEE toppers interviews and tips
Sanjay Gupta shares his advice:

I have not appeared for the JEE since I did my engineering from NIT 25 years back but I have several tips which can benefit young people putting their serious and sincere long efforts for cracking JEE.

These tips are based on my experience with my son who not only appeared for JEE but cracked also with high rank both in JEE & AIEEE and is currently studying at IIT, Mumbai [ Images ].

First, the key is patience and keeping one's cool under pressure. It is not necessary to be a master on all subjects but it is very important that whatever you do is correct. Most students who appear for the JEE have worked hard for 2-4 years only for JEE but only a few get success, some people term this as 'luck', but I 100 per cent disagree with this. It is not luck, but their temparament that has brought them success because they know how to prepare and perform under pressure. Because of staying calm whatever they did, they did correctly within the given time.
Second, practice as much as you can and not individual subjects but all three together. Preparing one by one is okay, but when you appear for the JEE all three subjects are in one paper, so your final practice must be based on a test paper that comprises all subjects. That's the reason test papers have lot of value and why a student going to a coaching centre is getting more success than student preparing on his own, quality and quantity of subject matter does not have much difference but solving the paper correctly with speed is the key. You may be knowing and doing very well while solving test papers at home alone, but you never know how quick the other guy's are. This is possible only when you are practicing in a competitive environment with large number of students appearing for same test paper at same time.
Third, always give emphasis to the basics in all three subjects. Some students think if they do well in any two papers, they will crack the JEE, but that is not the case. One must be thorough in all three. A thumb rule is if you do all three papers with over 65 per cent marks, you can be in the top 100. If you do two papers well and score 55-65 per cent you could be through but 500-3000 rank, if only one paper was good and two average and you score 45-55 per cent your rank will be anywhere from 3000-5000 or lower. So never take any topic / subject casually, but always ensure that whatever you are attempting in the paper is correct keeping time limit in mind.
Finally, I will repeat that more than 4 lakh students appear for the JEE but only about 5,000 are selected, not because they are far better than the others. I think it is safe to safe that at least 100,000 are of almost the same level -- same efforts, same knowledge -- but the 5,000 are selected because they are capable of solving the paper under pressure.

All the best!

'Failing in IIT JEE is not the end of your world', says Getahead reader Akshat Gupta

IIT JEE 2010 is on April 11 and by now most of the aspirants must have finished their JEE syllabus. However, the most crucial period begins now. With only 3 weeks left for exam, lot of anxiety and expectations kicks in.

JEE is one of the most competitive entrance exams for admission to undergraduate courses at the university level. What sets JEE apart from other exams is that JEE always focuses on the concept and tests the candidates' ability to deeply understand the basic concepts of physics, maths and chemistry and then to apply them to solve a variety of problems. It is very rare to see direct formula based problems in JEE and problems involving lengthy calculations.

Success in any competitive examination in dependent on two things. First is the intellectual capacity and understanding of the subject matter and second is the mental preparation for the exam and test taking strategies.

Most of the students take outside help like specialised coaching or tuition to develop their understanding of subject matter. However, their is not much help available for mental preparation.

Here are few tips which I believe will be helpful to JEE aspirants. From my own JEE experience and the experiences shared by my fellow mates at IIT, I can say that these are general but very effective tips.

1. Identify your strength and weakness in each subject and try to focus more on your strengths in the last few weeks. It will be very difficult to build expertise in your week areas now, so don't waste too much time on them at the moment.

2. Try to solve as many problems that you have solved previously in your JEE preparation throughout the year. This will be a feel good factor.

3. Take care of your heath. Eat proper meals and take proper rest.

4. Do not unnecessary worry about the outcome of result at the moment. Be positive and put your best foot forward. Failure in JEE is not the end of world, therefore do not panic.

5. Develop a proper revision plan. Ideally one should revise the entire syllabus three times. First revision should be exhaustive and should last for 3 to 4 weeks. Second revision should be short and should be completed in one week and finally the last revision just a couple of days before the exam which should be completed in one day.

6. Take 6 to 10 full length tests on JEE pattern in these 3 weeks to develop your own test taking strategies.

7. Try to align your body clock to the JEE test timings. It means your brain must be most active between 9 am to 5 pm. Therefore avoid taking naps in the afternoon.

8. Everybody has a unique way to approach the test. Therefore stick to your own plan and do not get confused by what your fellow students say.

9. Finally before the day of JEE 2010 do not study, if you are not feeling confident about your preparation till this day then not much can be achieved now.

10. Also go and check the location of your JEE test centre. Relax and unwind before the JEE day. May be one can go for a movie, listen to music or take a walk in the park. Do whatever relaxes you the most.

Most important key to success is self belief. Believe that you can compete with the best and brightest in the country and can come out with flying colors.

'Do not rely on tuitions or coachings' says Getahead redaer Vivek Pateshwari

I cleared JEE in 2005 and passed out from IIT Kharagpur in 2009. The best way to crack JEE is to believe in yourself.

Do not rely on tuitions or coachings, however they are important for clearing out the concepts. As the date is approaching, all the aspirants get tensed and try preparing hard for it. My advise to all of them: Just relax.

Don't mug up anything now.

I would rather advise, complete all your mugging stuffs in a week, set a target for that and don't start any new topic. Just go through all the topics covered till now, and just relax. After a week, when your mugging target is achieved, start giving out mock tests daily and analyse the mistakes that you might do. This will help you to adapt to the JEE format and will help you a lot. At least, it helped me.

So, All the best to everyone ! And believe me, cracking JEE is easier as compared to our times. Just Believe in yourself. Original source collected from : ... -world.htm

Fri Dec 17, 2010 10:58 am
myEngg Generalissimo
myEngg Generalissimo
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Post Re: IIT JEE toppers interviews and tips
Hey friends,.....

Here is an IIT JEE 2005 AIR 56 Rankers Interview :

Well, I am a student of IIT Delhi in the computer science branch. I qualified the JEE 2005 with AIR 56 in mains and AIR 22 in screening. As far as my experience was concerned, it was very enjoyable.

No doubt, the syllabus and the JEE itself is not the easiest, but if you work hard in the beginning, it is possible to develop the analytical skills to clear JEE very comfortably with a good rank.

I started studying from 11 class itself and fully utilized the 2 years. It helps if you can bunk school so that you can not only devote enough time for the JEE preparation but also find some time for enjoyment- which will recharge your batteries for the day ahead as well.

Don't delay the start of your preparation as the more time you have, the smoother you can pursue the completion of your syllabus.

Do join a good coaching center as it gives you the necessary motivation to spend your time preparing for the JEE. Once you get started, the onus is on you to carry on the momentum.

The center I had joined had very bright students who were NTSE scholars (I kind of felt very average). But very soon, I was scoring two-three times of what they were scoring in mock tests and quizzes.

As far as the books are concerned, I used the following and would recommend the same to you:


Start with HC Verma in class 11 and of course your study package. If you find HC Verma too simple, you can leave it and start with FIITJEE study packages. But it is a good idea to complete part 1 of this book in class 11.

In class 12, you can start seeing other books, if you feel confident that HC Verma is too easy for you, start with DC Pandey (problem book) from Arihant Publications. The questions are a bit tough so its ok if you can solve 50% of the problems. If you want to score well in screening, read the NCERT once (which you would be for your boards anyway). I don't think there is a need for Irodov. Fiitjee's GMP is also a good idea (only after you have revised your syllabus to your satisfaction).


Again, the study packages are important.
Physical-- P. Bahadur
Organic-- Study packages, previous year papers, practice problems at the end of P. Bahadur
Inorganic-- NCERT, Study packages, practice from P. Bahadur and any other problem you can find (focus on 3d series)

Going through NCERT is very important!


Well, besides study packages, TMH is the best book. But it is not everyone's cup of tea!
If you find it impossible to crack even 20% of problems, refer to previous years papers and study material of some other institute. You can start with the book in class 12.
Solve it completely and 90% on your own, you are ready for any question!


1.Do join a good test series (Fiitjee is the best I think)
2.Completely solve previous year papers under strict time limit and honestly evaluate yourself.
3.Test yourself right from class 11 and work on improving your scores regularly.
4.Read the questions very carefully. The questions are tailor made for silly mistakes.
5.Concentrate on scoring a specified amount of marks if you find the paper difficult (don't expect 170/180!).


The top ranker usually has a score of 140-150 that is about 80%. If you completely avoid silly mistakes, it is very easy to get a top 500 rank and with good effort you can get into top 100 or 50.

No one scores spectacularly in all 3 subjects (AIR 21 has 28/60 in maths JEE 2005!) Hence concentrate on consistency in all subjects.

Most importantly, stay cool on the day of exam. Think that you have nothing to lose. Everyone else is under a lot of stress, make full use of this. Under a situation of no pressure, your performance will increase drastically. Don't get unduly affected by the standard of the paper, it is the same for everyone.

Once you get into IIT, you still have to work hard at times, but not only is life very enjoyable, but your future has no limit as far as your success is concerned.

Good Luck. And remember, a job enjoyed will always be a job well done! and Source is here : ... ot-dot-dot

Fri Dec 17, 2010 11:21 am
myEngg Generalissimo
myEngg Generalissimo
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Post Re: IIT JEE toppers interviews and tips

Hey friends..

Right Now i had found an article in the Blog of that J.P.sinha Teacher of maths and physics. Who usually teaches for the students of 11th and 12th standard in Delhi-India. He is mainly teach students for IIT-JEE and PMT entrance and he has written some articles and here are those article : ... j-p-sinha/

How to prepare for IIT JEE Part 1 :
How to prepare for IIT JEE Part 2 :
How to prepare for IIT JEE Part 3 :
Recommended Books for IIT-JEE :

Note : For any help or query you can contact me (J.P.Sinha) on my mobile +91 9871 222 426 ( it is a New Delhi mobile) Please call only between 8.00am and 10.00am IST I think this will really helps the aspirants...

Fri Dec 17, 2010 11:47 am
Post Re: IIT JEE toppers interviews and tips
You have sharing very good tips over here and select the training institutions that have a history of consistent success. To show, if your choice of training center is working for you, and if not, leave immediately and move to one console you! This is important, you would be comfortable more confidence in their preparation.

Sat Oct 22, 2011 4:24 pm
Post Re: IIT JEE toppers interviews and tips
Well,till now I have never seen any interview of IIT JEE toppers but quite interested in watching it.I hope you will inform me.It will be great of you.

Thu Nov 24, 2011 8:03 pm
Post Re: IIT JEE toppers interviews and tips
Eternity is not a distance but a decision.

Tue Sep 04, 2012 1:46 am

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Post cognizent offcampus
Hi Admin,
I am doin g my final year now in govt college of engg.,salem.i have 8 cgpa but i have 4 years gap from HSC to BE.Is there any problem for attending offcampus drive???i mean SSLC-90%(2002),HSC-91.1%(2005),BE(2010-2014) so please help me out???what are the companys would never considered the age???please help me admin:)Give the better hope for joining IT sector??

Wed Oct 23, 2013 12:27 am
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