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EAMCET Tips and Strategies from Experts 
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myEngg Generalissimo
myEngg Generalissimo
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Post Re: EAMCET Tips and Strategies from Experts
Hello Friends,,.

Here are the Tips and Suggestions made by the EAMCET 2010 Engineering stream topper Mohammad Ghouse Johnny

Name : Mohammad Ghouse Johnny
EAMCET Marks (Engineering) : 159/160
College : Narayana Junior College, Vishakapatnam
School : Bellmonts High school, Narsinagar, Vishakhapatnam
10th class marks : 512/600
Intermediate marks : 955/1000

When did you came to a decision that you should become an engineer ?
Basically I am interested in Maths and that’s the reason I had joined M.P.C. But after joining in junior college I had set my goal to become an engineer.

How many hours you allot for your preparation daily ?
10 hours

What are the materials that you had focused on ?
The Specially made material by the staff of the Narayana Educational Institution and that helped me a lot as a part of my preparation

Where you are supposed to join ?
Andhra university or JNTUH any one in these two.

Which branch will you prefer ?
Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE)

What are your future plans ?
Doing M.Tech after completing the B.Tech

Parents : Father Mohammed Amir Auto driver, Mother Shanaz house wife.

Inspiration : My parents

For whom yours success credit goes to ?
College Lecturers and parents

How did you prepared for the EAMCET Entrance exam ?
Writing running notes when the lecturers are dealing with the subjects. I had mainly focused on the concepts. One must allot more time for practicing by following the schedule.

Hobbies : watching TV, Films and playing cricket.

Suggestions for 2011 aspirants :
Be cool while you study. Don’t byheart the subject and better to understand the concepts and that will help you guys a lot. One must allot more time for practicing and must follow the suggestions of the Lecturers

here is the Complete Article : ... aspirants/

Thu Jul 08, 2010 10:30 am
myEngg Generalissimo
myEngg Generalissimo
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Post Re: EAMCET Tips and Strategies from Experts
Hello friends..............

To get a good ranks in EAMCET engineering stream, you must get good marks around 100 (According to the Previous Year papers) In the recent years students are not getting better marks in chemistry because of huge increase in syllabus. But at the same time to get better rank on must get better marks in chemistry, hence the methodology should be adopted to study the much voluminous subject

In total there are 180 questions and 160 minutes. on average, you should assume that the time you have is approximately 1 minute per question, leaving the time to you spend in turning pages, taking a gap of 30 seconds after seriously pressurized yourself for about half an hour during the exam.

As Each question caries 1 mark. so the total paper is for 160 marks.
80 Q = 80 Marks in mathematics
40 Q = 40 marks in physics
40 Q = 40 Marks in Chemistry

whether or not to attempt the questions you donot have an answer.
I strongly feel you should attempt all the questions as you dont have negative marking in eamcet. I feel every one should allocate the last 3 minutes of the exam to fill in some random answers for the questions you did not attempt. The reason is: if you marks answers for 16 questions which you do not know the answer for and hence you did not answer, you will get 4 marks, assuming that the chance of marking an answer correctly is 25% Remember that Toppers will also not get more than 154 marks. Dont expect to complete everything. If at all you come across a question which is taking a lot of time to solve, or for which you donot know a solution, just move on to the next question. there is not point in spending time in guessing.

which subject should you start answering with
I always started attempting with chemistry, no matter what order the questions are given in. The reason I chose chemistry is that I am very very comfortable and confident in chemistry. So basically I suggest you to start with the subject you are more confident in. That will boost your confidence in the first few minutes of attempting the test and gives you the required amount of energy to attempt the rest of the test with confidence.

what food should we take before the exam.
I personally feel we should avoid oily stuff like dosa, vada, as it might cause slight inconvenience while writing the exam. The best food we can have is plain non-junk stuff like idly,bread or anyother breakfast + fruits like banana, apple+ a glass of milk. Donot forget to take a small 250 ml bottle of glucose drink to the exam. Brain needs a lot of oxygen to work well. During the high pressures of exam, taking glucose a couple of times can boost your energy levels of brain

should i not waste even a second during the exam
No, this is not true. although the time is limited and you should not take breaks, I felt that after evey half an hour of pressurising yourself a lot, take a break of 30 seconds to a maximum of 1 minute, which will refresh you and I am sure you will be able to attempt the remaining questions even faster. during that few-seconds break, look out through your window, see the distant greenery, have some glucose water that you brought along with you. and close your eyes for 10 seconds to give them rest. now, before you start the exam again just think about the pace: how many questions did I attempt and how much time did I take to attempt them. based on this, you should speedup.

avoiding nervousness
The best thing to do in order to avoid nervousness is : to take at least 3 mock exams in the last 2 weeks of test.
take full length 3 hour tests at your home in strictly timed environment in the last 2 weeks before eamcet and I am sure you will not find yourself pressurised during the exam. and use those mocktests to fine tune your strategy admin promised to post mock tests in I am not sure when they are going to be ready. utilize them well. also reach the exam centre a couple of hours in advance of the scheduled exam time. this will familiarize yourself to the exam centre and reduce the pressure little more. Remember that you will spend 3 straight hours in the exam hall. so make sure to take a visit to the toilet a few minutes befor the exam. Do not worry about the result while writing the exam. just give your maximum effort, and you can worry about results later. Do *not* think about whether your girl/boy friend would dump you if you lose in your exam. just stop worrying about all the non sense.

Tough question paper – that is a night mare for me.
Just remember that a tough question paper to you means that a tough question paper to 4 lakh other students. hence there is no point in worrying about that. just perform well and just start shooting at the easy ones that you can attempt first.

Time division during the exam.
after starting with the easiest one, just allocate 40 min for physics, 40 min for chemistry and 80 min for maths. in the remaining 20min, 5 min will be wasted for taking rest in the middle of exam and for turning pages of question paper booklet. The remining 12-15 minutes at the end of the test should be used to attempt the section (maths,phy,chem) which ever has easy questions which you have not yet attmpted. just think which section will fetch you the maximum marks in 12-15 min and attempt questions from those 1-2 sections. It is very important to strictly follow the timings for each section, so that you get a chance to attempt questions from all the sections and hence you will know in which section to spend the remaining 15 questions

Fri Dec 10, 2010 2:57 pm
myEngg Generalissimo
myEngg Generalissimo
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Post Re: EAMCET Tips and Strategies from Experts

Hey friends...

Getting an Engineering seat is the goal for the Lakhs of Aspirants in Andhra Pradesh and thus they are getting prepared for the EAMCET 2011. There is no doubt for the Intermediate students to get an Engineering seat in the Hundreds of the Engineering colleges in Andhra Pradesh. But the EAMCET Aspirants know that they have to get in to the Good Engineering colleges to uplift their career in future so they must get a good rank. As the EAMCET 2011 Schedule is out here are some Tips and Strategies for the Aspirants in their way to Crack EAMCET 2011.

EAMCET is the first target of each and every Intermediate student in Andhra Pradesh. The aspirants will start their preparation from the Intermediate 1st year onwards to crack EAMCET. As the EAMCET 2011 Schedule is out here are some Tips and Strategies for the Aspirants in their way to Crack EAMCET 2011. There are only 3 more months to go for the exam so here is the information that how the aspirants can make use of these three months for their preparation and this here are the Preparation Tips Subject wise


EAMCET 2011 Schedule :

Notification in the News papers : February 10th
Applications will be available from : February 14th
Last date for the sale of the Applications : April 8th (Applications will be available in the Conveners office, Hyderabad from April 9th to May 5th)
Last date for sending the filled application form : March 16th
Last date for sending the filled application form with 500 Rs fine : March 26th
Last date for sending the filled application form with 1000 Rs Fine : April 8th
Last date for sending the filled application form with 5,000 Rs Fine : April 25th
Last date for sending the filled application form with 10,000 Rs fine : May 5th
Issue of the Hall tickets in the helpline centers : April 18th – 25th
Exam date : May 8th
Engineering Exam time : Morning 10.00 to 1.00
Medicine Exam Time : After noon 2.30 to 5.30
Announcement of EAMCET 2011 Ranks : June 30th
Counseling will be start in the Month of July and Classes will be start from August.

Mathematics :

• After the Intermediate Exams there will be 45 days gap for the aspirants. In this time first 15days should be allotted for the Chapter wise preparation and should complete the syllabus. Appear as many as Grand Tests as possible
• The Questions which will be asked based on the Objective type in the Intermediate syllabus need speed and accuracy
• One must be good at fundamentals. This is mandatory for the aspirants to get a good rank
• Integral Calculus, 3D-Geometry, Quadratic Equations, Complex Numbers, Vector Algebra, Trigonometric Equations, Pair of Straight lines, Binomial theorem, Matrices, Definite Differential Calculus and Circles are the major topics that the aspirants must cover in the Intermediate syllabus and allot more time for these topics
• Follow the shortcuts and tips which are thought by the Lecturers and practice, that will help you to increase your speed.
• If your speed increases one can easily manage the time and thus appear as many questions as he can.
• Most of the Questions will be coming from the Calculus and Algebra so the aspirants should focus much on those topics
• One must also focus on the problems from the Topics Modulus in Complex numbers, Amplitude, Cube root of Unity, fourth root of unity as there are chances to ask questions from these topics
• While answering the problems in the Binomial theorem the answers can be easily noticed by the logics and one must try to get grip on such things.
• Problems in the Trigonometric Equations, Quadratic Equations, Maximum and Minimum number of roots are also important
• One must go through the synopsis of each and every chapter
• The aspirants should prepare an Notes at the time of the preparation and for every chapter allot 4-5 pages and write all the important points chapter wise. One must note down the Objective tricks while solving the problems.
• Preparing such notes will be really useful for the aspirants as they can revise the aspects which they have studied for 2 years in 30 minutes.
• Basically the aspirants will be preparing for IIT JEE, AIEEE and EAMCET.. There is no difference in the syllabus of those three exams but there is a difference in the difficulty level of the Questions they will ask. So the aspirants should focus on the Basics so that he can prepare easily for all those Engineering Entrance Exams

Physics :

• EAMCET is an Formulae Oriented Exam and so the aspirant should try to get grip on the Formulae chapter wise.
• In this time it would be better if the students will focus on their board exams. As the weightage of Intermediate marks is going to be deciding factor of the EAMCET Rank
• While you are preparing for the Board Exams just note down the formulae in each chapter and that will be really helpful for the EAMCET Preparation.
• After the Board Exams are completed, one must focus on the intermediate 1st year portion
• Every chapter in Physics is equally important. Atleast one questions will be given from every chapter.
• There are possibilities that 2 or 3 questions will be asked from the chapters Electromagnetism, Electrostatics.
• Theory based questions will be asked from the chapters like Modern physics, Semiconductor devices, Communication systems. So one must keep this in their mind at the time of the preparation.
• Trying to solve the same problem in 2 or more methods will be useful at the time of Preparation.
• Speed is the major assert in the EAMCET Entrance Exam and it can be obtained by appearing as many as mock tests.
• If the aspirants go through the past 2,3 years EAMCET question paper they will get an idea regarding the Question paper pattern, Difficulty level of the questions
• Appearing the Chapter wise revision test will be beneficial. This will help the aspirant to know their drawbacks and thus gives a chance to improve in such aspects
• One must make strategies in such a way that major part of their preparation should be concept based.

Reference Books : Telugu Academy Books.

Chemistry :

Chemistry is an deciding factor not only in the EAMCET Entrance Exams but also in the IIT JEE and AIEEE Exams too to get a good rank. The aspirants can answer the questions in chemistry in very short period of time when compared to the other subjects. As the chemistry is the only subject in which aspirants can answer the Questions Correctly in short period of time if the students have good deal of Knowledge on basics. But now it is becoming a problem to cover the vast syllabus.

In EAMCET exam one can easily get 75-80% of the Chemistry marks easily and one must struggle hard to get that remaining 20-25%. So if the aspirants get prepared based on the strategies they can get a good score in EAMCET Chemistry.

Physical Chemistry :
• Physical Chemistry is the most important chapter in the chemistry and thus the aspirants should allot maximum time for their preparation.
• One must focus much on the problems and practice well. As formulae based questions are more one must focus on such problems.
• One must make the profile of each and every formulae and go through those ones regularly.
• As the topics in this section are less to remind in the students memory they can easily solve the problems.
• Major topics should be focused in this chapter are given here : Concentration methods, Solubility Product, Coligative properties, IA problems, Molar Conductivities, Buffer solutions, Equilibrium constant related problems, Bohr’s theory applications, Quantum numbers, Nernst Equation, Faraday’s Law, Solid State, Order Determination, Heat of Reaction, Lechatlier’s Principles, Gold Number, Equalant weight determination, Dolton’s, Graham’s and Vandervalls equation

Organic Chemistry :

• In the exam one can answer the questions from this section at short period of time
• One must keep touch with the chemical reactions and the theories.
• One can get prepared these sequence of reactions by flow charts, Interconversion.

Inorganic chemistry :
• This is the toughest section when compared to the other sections in the chemistry
• One must get prepared for the exams in concept based so that one can easily score good marks in the subject.
• One should get on the Complex formulae which are useful for solving the problems
• Overall one can say that this subject is tough based on the complex issues in the topics related to them,

Preparation Tips Subject wise to get a Good Rank in EAMCET 2011, Only 3 months to Go : ... ths-to-go/

Thu Feb 03, 2011 2:50 pm
myEngg Young Blood
myEngg Young Blood

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Post Re: EAMCET Tips and Strategies from Experts
hai dude.............
thank you for providing tips for competitive examinations

Mon Feb 07, 2011 11:44 am
myEngg Sergeant
myEngg Sergeant

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Post Re: EAMCET Tips and Strategies from Experts
@ sanjaysahu
worthy tips for Aspirants good stuff........

Tue Feb 22, 2011 11:22 am
myEngg Generalissimo
myEngg Generalissimo
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Post Re: EAMCET Tips and Strategies from Experts
Andhra Pradesh Intermediate results are out and now there is less time for the Aspirants who are going to appear EAMCET 2011 Entrance Exam, Here are important suggestions for the Aspirants to Crack EAMCET. Aspirants should have a brief Idea on the Subjects that they are Attempting. Another important thing that Aspirants should be noted is EAMCET Rank depends on the marks that they score in EAMCET.

In National Level Entrance Exam like AIEEE, IITJEE Aspirants has maximum time to answer the questions nearly 30 questions per hour. So they don’t need to worry about time Management. But EAMCET Aspirants must and should has grip on the Subjects and Time Management because Aspirant should attempt 55 questions per hour. So EAMCET aspirants should have Speed and Accuracy while writing the Exam. Aspirants must and should focus on shortcuts and direct answers. Students should concentrate on Mock Tests so that they can recheck the Mistake they have done.

Intermediate Marks as Weightage:

Like Previous year also 25% weightage will be based on Intermediate Marks and 75% weightage will be based on the Marks that they score in EAMCET. EAMCET marks will decide the Final EAMCET Rank rather than Inter Marks. As per the Analysis 1 mark in EAMCET is Equal to 15 marks in Intermediate. So Experts surely say that Apirants must concentrate on EAMCET to get good Rank in EAMCET.

Students who are Appearing for Engineering Entrance must concentrate on Time management while Attempting the Exam. Medical Students can Attempt 80 Questions in 50 minutes, chemistry Questions in 1 hour so they have Maximum time for Attempting Physics Questions. But Coming to Engineering Aspirants they take 1 hour 15 minutes to attempt 80 questions in Mathematics , one hour for attempting chemistry so they has less time to attempt Physics questions.

As the Time for Appearing EAMCET is less, Aspirants must concentrate on revising the Subject Topic wise and Should Attempt More and More Mock tests so that he can check the Mistakes that had done and will not repeat it in upcoming Exams. Students Appearing EAMCET is Increasing gradually so every students who are writing the Entrance Exam will faces tough Competition. Aspirants target should be an admissions in any one of the Premier Engineering Colleges in Andhra Pradesh so that he can get into any one of that Institutes. Aspirants should score more than 100 marks in EAMCET so that he can get the Branches and Colleges of his Choice

Wed May 04, 2011 4:28 pm
Post Re: EAMCET Tips and Strategies from Experts
rojab4u wrote:
Hello Friends,..
Here are the Some Preparation Tips to crack EAMCET for the Aspirants..

• Memorizing land mark problems (remembering standard formulae, concepts so that you can apply them (directly) being strong in mental calculations (never use calculator during your EAMCET preparation), try to do first and second level of the calculations with out pen and paper
• Speed is the familiarity , more familiarity with concepts and formulae leads to more speed
• Read each question carefully, some times you can identify the range of the answer to that question and only one option will be in that range so you can answer the question with out solving the problem E.g, answer is positive and only one option is positive
• While preparing for EAMCET Mathematics students should practice substitution methods and verification methods and also tips and tricks given in all EAMCET materials. You cannot rely on only concepts because time
is the main factor In EAMCET
• EAMCET exam students should maintain a calm and cool mid state as the exam demands confidence, speed,
accuracy. You must be very confident, don’t panic, its not difficult and tough. Tou need to learn some special
tips and tricks to solve the EAMCET Questions to get a top rank
• Do not spend more time on any question (More than 1 and half min). if you do so you will lose the time
for another problem which may be easy for you
• Identification of the problem to be attempted or not to be attempted plays a major role in your success, so while preparing for EAMCET you should concentrate more on this factor
• Do not listen to your friends and other classmates, the topics which are easy or difficult need not be the same for two students. Do not change your preparation methods at this stage
• Don’t try to touch new topics as they will take time, you will also lose your confidence on the topics that you had prepared already. But prepare up to IPE level Basic concepts in each and every topic. As there is no negative marking you can go for answering every question.
• Don’t try to attempt 100% unless you are 100% confident. It is not necessary to attempt the entire question paper, don’t try if you are not sure and confident as negative marks are not there. If you are confident in 60% questions , that will be enough to get a good rank
• Never answer the questions Blindly. Be wise, pre-planning is very important
• There are mainly 3 difficulty levels, simple, tough and average. First try to finish all the simple question papers to Boost your confidence
• Don’t forget to prepare EAMCET previous year papers before the examination
• As you prepare for the board examination, you should also prepare and solve the last year question papers for EAMCET. You also need to set the 3 hour time for each and every previous year paper, it will help you to judge yourself, and this will let you know your weak and strong areas. You will gradually become confident
• You need to cover your entire syllabus but don’t try to touch any new topics if the exams are close by
• Most of the questions in EAMCET are not difficult but they are just IPE Level. They require simple basic concepts in each topic. You will notice only 10 to 15 % of questions are difficult and lengthy ones. As time is the major factor you must take care of time management even during the preparation time. You should not think about time when you are revising the concepts
• It is very important to understand what you have to attempt and what you have to omit. There is no limit to which you can improve your speed and strike rate beyond which what becomes very important is your selection of question. So success depends upon how judiciously one is able to select the questions. To optimize your Performance you should quickly scan for easy questions and come back to the difficult ones later.
• Try to ensure that in the initial 2 hours of the paper the focus should be clearly on easy and average Questions,.

All tips are very useful for my preparation. NowI beware and care about that tips.

Fri Jan 13, 2012 12:23 pm
myEngg Sergeant
myEngg Sergeant

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Post Re: EAMCET Tips and Strategies from Experts
Thank u very much.. im getting a moral boost frm u guys :)

Tue May 08, 2012 11:28 pm
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