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EAMCET Tips and Strategies from Experts 
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myEngg Generalissimo
myEngg Generalissimo
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Post EAMCET Tips and Strategies from Experts
Hello Friends,..

This is a thread Created to post the Tips, Preparation Strategies for the EAMCET Aspirants from the Experts for the Aspirants.. and here are the EAMCET Tips and Strategies from Experts

Fri May 28, 2010 5:25 pm
myEngg Generalissimo
myEngg Generalissimo
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Post Re: EAMCET Tips and Strategies from Experts
Hello Friends,.

Here are the Tips for the EAMCET Aspirants..

• Don’t worry about your IIT Result. As you should not grieve for what is unavoidable. Concentrate now on AIEEE and EAMCET.
• Students who have prepared well for IIT can perform exceedingly well in AIEEE but for EAMCET you require lot of practice. In EAMCET time factor plays a major role, therefore, attempt as many practice tests as possible.
• Spend the remaining time in the ratio 3:2:1 for M:P:C
• Importantly in EAMCET there won’t be many questions that can be answered using so called tricks, have a
conceptual approach, to have a quick go.
• Concentrate more on Electromagnetism, Physical Optics, Wave Motion, Sound, Heat, Collisions, Kinematics and Magnetism as there is a possibility of getting minimum 25 questions from these chapters
• Chapters like Semiconductor Devices, Nuclear Physics, Atomic Physics are easy to prepare and to answer.
Therefore, student must take advantage in preparation time and scoring marks
• Similarly in chemistry concentrate on Organic chemistry, Atomic Structure, Chemical Bond, Electro Chemistry and you can score marks easily and the questions mostly will be asked on memory type.
• In mathematics Functions, Vector Algebra, Geometry have got more weightage.
• In EAMCET 87% of the Questions are easy, concept based and substitution type questions. 10% of the
Questions will be application type. 3% may be there with some twist.
• In AIEEE 55% of Questions are easy, simple and direct questions, 38% of the Questions are moderate in
nature and 7% of the Questions are Difficult Questions
• Remember marks for a difficult question and for an easy question is same, ie,. 1 mark. Therefore, it is not wise to spending unnecessary time over a question for which you do not have answer. Better go immediately for the next question
• No negative marks in EAMCET, Therefore, dimensional analysis, substitution method, compatibility etc,. would certainly help a student guess the nearest answer. In any case don’t leave even a single question in EAMCET

Fri May 28, 2010 5:32 pm
myEngg Generalissimo
myEngg Generalissimo
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Post Re: EAMCET Tips and Strategies from Experts

Hello Friends,..

Here are the Last Months EAMCET Mathematics Preparation Tips ...

To score good rank in EAMCET engineering stream a lot of hard work and good planning is required. To score more than 100 marks in EAMCET, along with mathematics their should be a uniform work in physics and chemistry also.
For EAMCET exam there are 38 days more. So you have to Utilize these days Properly by dividing it in to 3 dividsions

April 22nd ---- May 10th : 1st Phase
May 11th ---- May 21st : 2nd phase
May 22nd ---- may 29th : 3rd Phase

1st phase : study 2 chapters per day along with its concepts, synopsis and formulae. Then solve 60 to 80 problems in each of that computer. If you are not perfect in any concept then stress more on that particular concept. Later take a note of important formulae

2nd phase : During this phase you need to revise the chapters which have more weightages, like Algebra, Integral Calculus, Differential Calculuc and Trigonometry. Work on the problems with a pleasant mind and review the entrie formulae once again.

3rd Phase : Now you need self confidence which can be acquired by Solving the problems of the last 5year EAMCET
papers. To have a control on management of time you need to solve a number of problems. Two days before your
EAMCET exam go through the synopsis perfectly besides maintain your health and attempt exam with out feeling

Here is the Complete Article : ... tion-tips/

Fri May 28, 2010 5:35 pm
myEngg Generalissimo
myEngg Generalissimo
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Post Re: EAMCET Tips and Strategies from Experts
Hello Friends,.

I would like to appreciate you for keeping certain target in EAMCET and hoping that you will achieve it. To get a good ranks in EAMCET engineering stream, you must get good marks around 100 (According to the Previous Year
papers) In the recent years students are not getting better marks in chemistry because of huge increase in syllabus. But at the same time to get better rank on must get better marks in chemistry, hence the methodology should be adopted to study the much voluminous subject, for this :

• From Organic chemistry nearly 8 to 9 questions will come in the EAMCET, hence it should be given importance. But the Organic chemistry is much volatile, hence it should be practiced regularly. For this it should be condensed to short form like interconverstions, order of acids, basic strengths of alcohols,phenols, amines and named reactions. With this a student can revise it several times before the exams.

• From physical chemistry topics like states of matter, solutions, acids and bases, Electrochemistry,
Thermodynamics, solid state, chemical kinetics, Equilibrium and chemicalenergitics nearly 10 to 12 questions
will come in EAMCET. Students should keep all the relevant formulae and important points at one place and it
should be practiced regularly, except in the last year in all the previous years easy questions were asked from
physicsl chemistry
• From inorganic chemistry nearly 12 to 14 questions will come in EAMCET.
• From general chemistry like atomic structure, chemical binding, polymers, Biomolecules, chemistry in every day life, Stoichiometry nearly 8 to 9 questions will come In the EAMCET questions will come from all the chapters, hence no chapter should be neglected and at the same time it is much voluminous. To counter all this type of problems, a condensed form of synopsis is very much required to the students during these days. Hence I suggest a book “LILLIPUT VIEW OF EAMCET CHEMISTRY”.

It contains all the important points which students require are at one place in the most condensed form, with this book a student can revise entire chemistry in few hours and Here is the Article : ... eightages/

Fri May 28, 2010 5:37 pm
myEngg Generalissimo
myEngg Generalissimo
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Post Re: EAMCET Tips and Strategies from Experts
Hello Friends,..

Here are some Important Tips and Instructions for EAMCET Aspirants

• In EAMCET the student is tested in 3 hours for the knowledge he gained in the two years in 3 subjects for 160
marks in the form of different kinds of MCQs.
• Speed with accuracy is the key for success.
• If the student aims at scoring 160/160 he must be thorough with all the basics, key terms, concepts, definitions and formulae
• Parents role : parent should promote confidence in their children to solve too many mock test papers collected from different sources. Let them answer the test papers of their institutes. You can allow them to answer selected questions only from them
• Students should feel confident that they are prepared well and they would fare well in exam irrespective of the standard of the paper.
• Do not try to worry the students by discussing frequently his performance.
• Students should feel that EAMCET is their final practice test, nothing else.
• It is not the time to eat junk foods and oil food items.
• Eat fibrous food items which are easily digestible.
• Extra Energy for the Brain : Brain uses mostly glucose, therefore glucose rich liquids and fruits are to be connected before going to bed.
• Go to bed at 10.30 PM and have a sound sleep to be fresh in the morning.
• Time management : it is the first step towards success. During the 3 hours of examination, the student is to
adjust in such a way that no question is left for want of time.
• Students should meticulously plan the scheme of answering EACMET.
• Read the Question thoroughly to the last word : Read all options carefully before you mark the answers on OMR
• Try to implement it in mock tests, so that you can achieve perfection.
• Search Clues to arrive at the correct answer
• Note the key word in the stem of questions.
• In the match type, look at the best known pair and if were to be in one option only, that can be taken as the correct option. It, it is there in more than one option go to the other known matched option.
• The most complicated questions which creates a confusion and forcing the students to waste to waste their
precious time and indulge in gambling.
• The problem with this type of questions is to decide whether the given reason explains the correct statement
or not
• Most often without verifying the place of correct option, the students have been blindly marking on the OMR
• Beware of shuffling in the set pattern of options in the Questions, some times the options will be wrong but
appear to be right.
• Read all the four options from last to first and try to go by elimination of irrelevant options
• Do not try to transfer the answers to OMR sheet at the end to avoid confusion.

Fri May 28, 2010 5:40 pm
myEngg Generalissimo
myEngg Generalissimo
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Post Re: EAMCET Tips and Strategies from Experts
Hello Friends,..

Here are some tips for the EAMCET Aspirants to crack EAMCET to get a rank below 2000 .. :P

• To get a rank below 2000 in EAMCET, you need to get a total of 120 provided you have 80% in IPE.
• To get a rank below 2000 in EAMCET, you have to get maths – 60, Chemistry – 35 and physics 20 – 30 marks.
• The following suggestions may help u in getting the required marks in Physics
a) The best way to learn physics is “Conceptual Approach “
b) Concentrate more on Modern Physics, Electro Statics, Magnetic Effects of Current and Earths Magnetism, Heat
& Thermo Dynamics, SHM and Oscillations, Current Electricity
c) When ever you try to solve a problem in physics, you try to visualize the problem.
d) The entire data given in the problem should be there in your mind, if required read the problem twice
e) Remember, same marks for an easy question and as well for a difficult question. Therefore, first search for easy question you know 87% of the question paper consists of easy questions based on “Simple Concepts”. Work Hard

Fri May 28, 2010 5:41 pm
myEngg Generalissimo
myEngg Generalissimo
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Post Re: EAMCET Tips and Strategies from Experts
Hello Friends,..

Here are the 7 Steps Towards Success in EAMCET for the Aspirants who are supposed to write EAMCET:

1) Be string in fundamentals
2) Develop the Techniques of Application
3) On penultimate day of your exams : prepare a topic from first year and another from second year and have a test for them with a minimum of 20 questions with a feeling that you are writing the final exams
4) Recollect the numericals and the formulae
5) On 29th May : look at the condensed and short listed tables and points. Don’t try to read the topic from the beginning from the test book. Look at only the highlighted ones
6) Don’t be panic, if you are not able to recollect some of the points that you had read
7) On Examination Day : Look at the easily forgettable shortlisted formulae and numericals

Collected from : ... in-eamcet/

Fri May 28, 2010 5:44 pm
myEngg Generalissimo
myEngg Generalissimo
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Post Re: EAMCET Tips and Strategies from Experts
Hello Friends,..

Here are some EAMCET mathematics Preparation Strategies :

From the academic year 2009, EAMCET ranks have been based on the students performance in the intermediate
optional subjects with the weightage of 25% and 75% to get into various professional courses of science streams
such as engineering and medical. In this method, Maths is the decides the rank in the engineering stream in
EAMCET when compared to the physics and chemistry papers. Keeping these points in mind the aspirants should
prepare for EAMCET 2010.

General Feelings of the students :
• Will I be able to remember the numerical and formulae
• Whether this year paper will be easier or tough
• How many will be my competitors.
• Not finding time to cover the subject in time.
• Not able to answer the assertion and reason type questions well.

Solutions for those feelings :
• Prepare tables for the numerical and formulae in various topics in a condensed form and look at them, try to
recollect them at times.
• What ever may be the level of paper, it is common to all and you are not the exception. With right preparation, you can convert the tough task easier.
• Though this year around 3,50,000 students are appearing for EAMCET in Engineering stream, which is increased
when compared to the past years. And inter weightage will be a plus point for you so your chances of getting a
seat in engineering stream is enhanced.
• Frame your own timetable, giving equal importance to the other subjects
• Write a model test every day with a minimum of 20 questions with 10 moderate and 10 tough questions in the paper. It is preferable to take from
• Memory tips : Prepare the lists of formulae, numericals in their main features in the form of tables for quick reference and memorizing them by converting one list at a time.

Here is the Complete Article : ... -strategy/

Fri May 28, 2010 5:45 pm
myEngg Generalissimo
myEngg Generalissimo
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Post Re: EAMCET Tips and Strategies from Experts
Hello Friends,.

Here are some Success tips to crack EAMCET for the EAMCET Aspirants..

• Focus on solving as many problems as you can, rather than just reading theories, formulae and solutions
• More than rigid reliance on rules without understanding ( rule – oriented study ) rely on any understanding of mathematical concepts and flexibility in the problem solving (Concept Oriented Study).
• Master the fundamentals, as most questions are designed to evaluate the candidates clarity of fundamental concepts and the ability to apply these concepts in problem solving.
• Don’t be in rush to solve problems. In EAMCET. Both speed and strike rate matter. You need to be quick as well as accurate to achieve high scores. High speed with low accuracy can actually ruin your results
• Master the fundamentals, practice a lot, and manage time well. Most of the students follow CMP order (Chemistry, Maths, Physics)
• Chemistry – 35 min, Mathematics – 75 min and Physics – 40 min remaining time for marking and left difficult and lengthy questions. Practice rounding off method, identify the difficult and lengthy problems and round it off and move to another problem as scoring is important to us

Here is the Complete Article : ... ck-eamcet/

Fri May 28, 2010 5:49 pm
myEngg Generalissimo
myEngg Generalissimo
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Post Re: EAMCET Tips and Strategies from Experts
Hello Friends,..
Here are the Some Preparation Tips to crack EAMCET for the Aspirants..

• Memorizing land mark problems (remembering standard formulae, concepts so that you can apply them (directly) being strong in mental calculations (never use calculator during your EAMCET preparation), try to do first and second level of the calculations with out pen and paper
• Speed is the familiarity , more familiarity with concepts and formulae leads to more speed
• Read each question carefully, some times you can identify the range of the answer to that question and only one option will be in that range so you can answer the question with out solving the problem E.g, answer is positive and only one option is positive
• While preparing for EAMCET Mathematics students should practice substitution methods and verification methods and also tips and tricks given in all EAMCET materials. You cannot rely on only concepts because time
is the main factor In EAMCET
• EAMCET exam students should maintain a calm and cool mid state as the exam demands confidence, speed,
accuracy. You must be very confident, don’t panic, its not difficult and tough. Tou need to learn some special
tips and tricks to solve the EAMCET Questions to get a top rank
• Do not spend more time on any question (More than 1 and half min). if you do so you will lose the time
for another problem which may be easy for you
• Identification of the problem to be attempted or not to be attempted plays a major role in your success, so while preparing for EAMCET you should concentrate more on this factor
• Do not listen to your friends and other classmates, the topics which are easy or difficult need not be the same for two students. Do not change your preparation methods at this stage
• Don’t try to touch new topics as they will take time, you will also lose your confidence on the topics that you had prepared already. But prepare up to IPE level Basic concepts in each and every topic. As there is no negative marking you can go for answering every question.
• Don’t try to attempt 100% unless you are 100% confident. It is not necessary to attempt the entire question paper, don’t try if you are not sure and confident as negative marks are not there. If you are confident in 60% questions , that will be enough to get a good rank
• Never answer the questions Blindly. Be wise, pre-planning is very important
• There are mainly 3 difficulty levels, simple, tough and average. First try to finish all the simple question papers to Boost your confidence
• Don’t forget to prepare EAMCET previous year papers before the examination
• As you prepare for the board examination, you should also prepare and solve the last year question papers for EAMCET. You also need to set the 3 hour time for each and every previous year paper, it will help you to judge yourself, and this will let you know your weak and strong areas. You will gradually become confident
• You need to cover your entire syllabus but don’t try to touch any new topics if the exams are close by
• Most of the questions in EAMCET are not difficult but they are just IPE Level. They require simple basic concepts in each topic. You will notice only 10 to 15 % of questions are difficult and lengthy ones. As time is the major factor you must take care of time management even during the preparation time. You should not think about time when you are revising the concepts
• It is very important to understand what you have to attempt and what you have to omit. There is no limit to which you can improve your speed and strike rate beyond which what becomes very important is your selection of question. So success depends upon how judiciously one is able to select the questions. To optimize your Performance you should quickly scan for easy questions and come back to the difficult ones later.
• Try to ensure that in the initial 2 hours of the paper the focus should be clearly on easy and average Questions,.

Fri May 28, 2010 5:52 pm
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