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Placement and Salary Details and Statistics of IIT Delhi 2009


Indian Institute of Technology Delhi is one of the seven Institutes of Technology created as centres of excellence for higher training, research and development in science, engineering and technology in India.

IIT Delhi, established in the year 1961, located in South Delhi in an area of 320 acres is one of the premiere institutes of the country. Indian Institute of Technology Delhi is a dream institue for every engineering aspirant. It is known for its excellence in research and development in Engineering and Technology. The official website of IITD is

Placement Procedure

  • Interested companies would contact showing interest to visit the campus for recruitment.
  • A loginid and password would be sent to those who are interested.
  • The company can then upload their details and other documents in the website.
  • The dates for the campus interviews are allotted
  • Interested students can register for a particular company from an internal website.
  • Once a student is selected in a company, (s)he cannot appear for other interviews within the campus.

  • Salary and Other Details.

    1 class size 983
    2 Number of boys 850
    3 Number of girls 133
    4 Number of students participated in placements 987
    5 Number of students opting out of placements 18
    6 Offers made 710
    7 Offers accepted 710
    8 Total number of students placed overseas 6
    9 Total recruiters participated in the placements 230
    10 Total recruiters who have actually recruited 230

    Salary Details in Lakhs Per Year

    RANGE Indian salary salary overseas
    LOWEST 3 lakhs 30,000 USD per year
    HIGHEST 22lakhs 1,00,000 USD per year
    AVERAGE 5.2lakhs 35 K USD per year

    placement statistics from the past years:

    1.The average salary for the years 2005 and 2006 was Rs 7,44,000.
    2.The average salary for the year 2007 is 8,57,000 Lacs.
    3.The average offer per student for the year 2007 was 1.92 offers .

    Dual Degree Students Profile:

    IIT Delhi 2009  placements and student profiles Details of IIT Delhi Dual Degree students


    B.Tech Students Profile:

    IIT Delhi 2009 Placements and student profiles of IIT Delhi B.Tech Students


    1. Applied Mechanics
    2. Bio-Chemical Engineering and Bio-technology
    3. Chemical Engineering
    4. Chemistry
    5. Civil Engineering
    6. Computer Science Engineering
    7. Electrical Engineering
    8. Humanities and Social Sciences
    9. Management studies
    10. Mathematics
    11. Mechanical Engineering
    12. Physics
    13. Textile Technology

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