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AIEEE’s Topic wise Distribution of Marks, Previous Years Analysis & Questions from XI, XII Syllabus

The National Level Entrance Exam in which Most of the students will be competing every year to get in to the Famous NITs and other Engineering institutes is AIEEE. As the AIEEE is date is coming nearer the students are working hard to crack the exam. If the aspirants study in a systematic manner then getting a good rank is easy says experts. Here are the Preparation tips and strategies on how to study and the Analysis of the previous year questions papers subject wise Maths, Chemistry and Physics. AIEEE 2011 Special.

Questions from XI, XII Syllabus, Topic wise Distribution of Marks & Previous Years Analysis

Tips to be followed :
• The students should allot major part of their preparation time for the Tests in the topics which they have studied.
• As there are negative marks in the Exam it would be better not to answer the questions which you don’t know. Avoid guess work.
• One must read the headings completely to know which section contains the Negative marks and the aspirants should focus on this issue
• As the time is too less it would be better to clear their doubts with the help of Lecturers rather than searching in books
• The Pattern of the AIEEE will be changing every year so the aspirants should not enter in to the examination hall with a mind set that the paper will be in the previous years pattern.
• The aspirants should be ready to appear the Exam though the difficult level of the questions increases. One must keep in mind that the Question paper tough to you will be tough for the others too. Don’t get tensed.
• Don’t start answering the questions as soon as the question paper is given, first read the suggestions and the marks allotted to that particular section, Negative mark questions and more
• The aspirants should answer all the simple questions in the subjects and thus they will get courage so that they can answer the Moderate questions easily and finally they have to go for the difficult questions. If you feel any question as a difficult one then leave that and go for another one.
• The aspirants must revise the topics which they have covered already and appear as many as mock tests. After appearing the Exams the questions which they can’t work it out can be taken to their Lecturers for clarification and make sure that one must clear their doubts at that time and also the mistakes committed should not be repeated.
• Atleast the aspirants should appear 3 – 5 mock tests. The aspirants should take care such that the mistakes committed in the exam should not be repeated again. Not only the exams conducted by your college appear the exams which will be conducted by other colleges, you can feel the difference and that helps you.
• The aspirants should set a time table and then go forward with confidence then they can easily get good rank. Every year there are changes in the Number of Questions, Pattern, Difficult level and In marks of the AIEEE. So it will be beneficial if the aspirants will go through the previous years question papers.

Referene Books:
• NCERT XI and XII class books
• H.C. Varma for Physics
• Tata Mc. Graw Hill Maths
• Arihant AIEEE Maths and Chemistry
• Pradeepti Chemistry

Maths …. For More Marks

Maths is the scoring subject when compared to that of the Physics and Chemistry, so the aspirants must give priority for Maths,. If the students are good at formulae they can easily work out the Trigonometry problems and questions from various topics easily,. Permutations and combinations, Probability are the major topics to be covered. The Questions from Calculus will be useful for the students not only in Maths but also in Physics and Chemistry. So the aspirants should focus much on Integrations, Applications of Derivatives, Functions, Differentiation too.

But the Co-ordinate Geometry will be some what tough and also time taking one. So one must work hard on this topic and have to use the formulae and Techniques to calculate the answer. If you guys refer the previous year papers over 9 questions comes from the Calculus topic. 2 questions from each topic given here Statistics, Vectors, Probability, 3D and 66% of the Questions are easy ones.

The question paper is set in such a way that each and every topic is covered in all the subjects, especially in Maths,. At least one question from every lesson will be found in the question paper. Answering the questions in hurry, Not reading the Question Clearly and lack of perfectness are the major causes that the aspirants are loosing marks. If the aspirants focus on those issues they can easily score good marks.

Topic wise Distribution of Marks in MathematicsTopic wise Distribution of Marks in Mathematics

Chemistry.. The King Maker :
For the past few years which ever many the Exam EAMCET or IIT JEE or AIEEE the Marks in Chemistry are going to be the deciding factor for the aspirants. Even in the Chemistry each chapter will have their own prominence and the students must focus much on the groups of higher prominence. The major topics to be covered in the Physical Chemistry Electrochemistry, Thermo dynamics, Acids-Bases, Equilibrium and Kinetics and the aspirants should focus much on the formulae. The aspirants should make a table of the experiments and their results and also to cover all the model problems from the major topics. The major part in the Chemistry paper is Organic chemistry and its mandatory to get good marks in the chemistry paper. The aspirants should make a chart which consists of the reactions of the carbon atoms and its compounds and should go through them daily. Even the questions will be asked on practical chemistry so the students should not neglect such ones. Half of the questions in the chemistry papers are from Physical chemistry and the remaing from the Inorganic and Organic chemistry.

Topic wise Distribution of Marks in ChemistryTopic wise Distribution of Marks in Chemistry

Physics.. For Fair Scoring :
To get a good rank in AIEEE one must get good score in Physics. The aspirants should not take the time allotted for the other subjects. To get good marks in the AIEEE the aspirants must go through each and every topic in the Syllabus and also the concepts to increase your confidence.

Most of the questions from the Second year syllabus will be given from Electricity, Modern Physics and from 1st year syllabus Mechanics is the major chapter. The aspirants should put some interest on the small chapters like Fluid Mechanics, Waves, Modern Physics so that it increase the possibility of getting good score.

As per the data from the Previous years question paper over 14 questions are asked from Mechanics and Electricity and only one of those is tough.

Topic wise Distribution of Marks in PhysicsTopic wise Distribution of Marks in Physics

Important issues :
1. Decide the frame of reference in which the question is to be solved whether it belongs to inertial or non-inertial frame.
2. Identify the given question whether the question can be done by using the free body diagrams regarding the forces.
3. Check the Conservation of linear momentum
4. Check Conservation of energy principle if the given question is to calculate whether the work is done by resistive force or conservative force.
5. Check the Conservation of Angular momentum in the case of satellite motion and rigid body dynamics.
For example if the questions related to the Bomb explosions, collisions are asked then law of conservation of linear momentum should be considered. In such situations concept based learning will be really helpful for the aspirants.

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