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IIT Roorkee seismic report is value of paper says TN

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The seismic study report conducted by the IIT Roorkee pointed out that the Mullaperiyar dam was seismically unsafe. But the Tamil Nadu Government has said that the value of the study was equal to the value of paper. For this the scientists of IIT Roorkee have reiterated that they stand by the report.

Dr D K Paul who led the said that if Tamil Nadu says there is something wrong with the report, let them scientifically point out, point by point, what is wrong with their report.

Dr M L Sharma, Dr Pankaj Agarwal and Dr Paul had carried out the study in two phases and have stated that the dam will not be able to survive the earthquake forces even at a water level of 136 ft.

He also said that if the Government of TN says that the value of the report is that of paper then that’s all the value that they would give to what the Government says.

IIT Roorkee is one of the premier institutes of India which has been studying seismological safety of dams and had submitted seismological safety reports of several dams, including the Tehri Dam to the Supreme Court. It may be recalled that the Tamil Nadu Government had reacted in a very similar knee-jerk manner to the IIT Delhi report which said that the dam is hydrologically unsafe.

Dr A K Gosain and Dr Subash Chander of IIT Delhi had also submitted a report that the Mullaperiyar dam cannot withstand any floods and that it is hydrologically unsafe, with the spillway capacity. The Tamil Nadu government had totally rejected the report without scientifically countering any of the points put forth by the report.

The members of the Mullaperiyar special cell constituted by the Government of Kerala said that this time around Tamil Nadu is purely citing technical reasons.

James Wilson, member of the Mullaperiyar special cell said that to accept this study as evidence, the experts should come as witness to the court. The IIT Rourkee has different set of rules when compared to IIT Delhi and the scientists who carry out a number of studies for a number of organisations might find it difficult to come to the court for every such instance he added.

However Dr A K Gosain of IIT Delhi had appeared as a witness for Kerala in the Supreme Court. James Wilson said that this seismic hazard study report has been submitted as a supporting document only, which is why Tamil Nadu is saying that it has only paper value. Legal sources, however, said that the Supreme Court will not be able to totally neglect the seismic safety report of the IIT Roorkee, even if Tamil Nadu tries to ignore it.

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