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Materials on the Organic Chemistry Reactions for IITJEE, AIEEE Aspirants

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Here are the Materials on the Organic Chemistry Reactions for IITJEE, AIEEE Aspirants. I think thes information will be really useful for the Aspirants as a part of their preparation..

Organic Chemistry Reactions

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Acetoacetic Ester Condensation
Acetoacetic Ester Synthesis
Acyloin Condensation
Alder-Ene Reaction
Aldol Addition
Aldol Condensation
Appel Reaction
Arbuzov Reaction
Arndt-Eistert Synthesis
Azo Coupling

Baeyer-Villiger Oxidation
Baker-Venkataraman Rearrangement
Balz-Schiemann Reaction
Bamford-Stevens Reaction
Barton Decarboxylation
Barton-McCombie Reaction (Barton Desoxygenation)
Baylis-Hillman Reaction
Beckmann Rearrangement
Benzilic Acid Rearrangement
Benzoin Condensation
Bergman Cyclization
Bestmann-Ohira Reagent
Biginelli Reaction
Birch Reduction
Bischler-Napieralski Reaction
Blanc Reaction
Bohlmann-Rahtz Pyridine Synthesis
Boronic Acid Mannich Reaction
Bouveault-Blanc Reduction
Brook Rearrangement
Brown Hydroboration
Bucherer-Bergs Reaction
Buchwald-Hartwig Cross Coupling Reaction

Cadiot-Chodkiewicz Coupling
Cannizzaro Oxidation Reduction
CBS Reduction
Chan-Lam Coupling
Claisen Condensation
Claisen Rearrangement
Clemmensen Reduction
Collins Reagent
Cope Elimination
Cope Rearrangement
Conia-Ene Reaction
Corey-Bakshi-Shibata Reduction
Corey-Chaykovsky Reaction
Corey-Fuchs Reaction
Corey-Kim Oxidation
Corey-Seebach Reaction
Corey-Suggs Reagent
Corey-Winter Olefin Synthesis
Coumarin Synthesis
Criegee Mechanism for Ozonolysis
Cross Metathesis
Curtius Rearrangement (Reaction)

Dakin Reaction
Darzens Condensation
Darzens Reaction
Delépine Reaction
Dess-Martin Oxidation
Dieckmann Condensation
Diels-Alder Reaction
1,3-Dipolar Cycloaddition
Directed ortho Metalation
Doebner Modification

Eglinton Reaction
Ene Reaction
Enyne Metathesis
Eschweiler-Clarke Reaction
Ester Pyrolysis

Favorskii Reaction
Finkelstein Reaction
Fischer Esterification
Fischer Indole Synthesis
Fleming-Tamao Oxidation
Friedel-Crafts Acylation
Friedel-Crafts Alkylation
Friedlaender Synthesis
Fries Rearrangement
Fukuyama Coupling
Fukuyama Reduction

Gabriel Synthesis
Gewald Reaction
Glaser Coupling
Griesbaum Coozonolysis
Grignard Reaction
Grubbs Reaction

Haloform Reaction
Hantzsch Dihydropyridine Synthesis (Pyridine Synthesis)
Hay Coupling
Heck Reaction
Hell-Volhard-Zelinsky Reaction
Henry Reaction
Hiyama Coupling
Hiyama-Denmark Coupling
Hofmann Elimination
Hofmann’s Rule
Horner-Wadsworth-Emmons Reaction
Hosomi-Sakurai Reaction
Huisgen Cycloaddition
Hunsdiecker Reaction

Ireland-Claisen Rearrangement
Itsuno-Corey Reduction
Iwanow Reaction (Reagent)

Jacobsen Epoxidation
Jacobsen-Katsuki Epoxidation
Jocic Reaction
Johnson-Corey-Chaykovsky Reaction
Jones Oxidation
Julia-Lythgoe Olefination
Julia-Kocienski Olefination

Kabachnik-Fields Reaction
Kindler Reaction
Knoevenagel Condensation
Kochi Reaction
Kolbe Electrolysis
Kolbe Nitrile Synthesis
Kolbe-Schmitt Reaction
Kulinkovich Reaction
Kulinkovich-de Meijere Reaction
Kulinkovich-Szymoniak Reaction
Kumada Coupling

Lawesson’s Reagent
Leuckart Thiophenol Reaction
Luche Reduction

Malonic Ester Synthesis
Mannich Reaction
Markovnikov’s Rule
McMurry Reaction
Meerwein-Ponndorf-Verley Reduction
Myers’ Modification of the Ramberg-Bäcklund Reaction
Myers-Saito Cyclization
Michael Addition
Michaelis-Arbuzov Reaction
Mitsunobu Reaction
Miyaura Borylation Reaction
Modified Julia Olefination
Mukaiyama Aldol Addition

Nazarov Cyclization
Nef Reaction
Negishi Coupling
Newman-Kwart Rearrangement
Nitroaldol Reaction
Nozaki-Hiyama Coupling
Nucleophilic Substitution (SN1 / SN2)

Ohira-Bestmann Reagent
Olefin Metathesis
Oppenauer Oxidation
Overman Rearrangement
Oxy-Cope Rearrangement

Paal-Knorr Furan Synthesis
Paal-Knorr Pyrrole Synthesis
Paal-Knorr Thiophene Synthesis
Passerini Reaction
Paterno-Büchi Reaction
Pauson-Khand Reaction
Pechmann Condensation
Petasis Reaction
Peterson Olefination
Pinacol Coupling Reaction
Pinacol Rearrangement
Pinner Reaction
Prévost Reaction
Prilezhaev Reaction
Prins Reaction
Pschorr Reaction

Ramberg-Bäcklund Reaction
Reformatsky Reaction
Ring Closing Metathesis
Ring Opening Metathesis (Polymerization)
Ritter Reaction
Robinson Annulation
Rosenmund Reduction
Rosenmund-von Braun Reaction
Rubottom Oxidation

Sakurai Reaction
Sandmeyer Reaction
Saytzeff’s Rule
Schiemann Reaction
Schlosser Modification
Schmidt Reaction
Schotten-Baumann Reaction
Seebach Umpolung
Seyferth-Gilbert Homologation
Sarett Reagent
Shapiro Reaction
Sharpless Aminohydroxylation
Sharpless Dihydroxylation
Sharpless Epoxidation
Shi Epoxidation
Simmons-Smith Reaction
Sonogashira Coupling
Staudinger Cycloaddition
Staudinger Reaction
Staudinger Reduction
Staudinger Synthesis
Steglich Esterification
Stetter Reaction
Stille Coupling
Strecker Synthesis
Suzuki Coupling
Swern Oxidation

Tamao-Kumada Oxidation
Tebbe Olefination
Tishchenko Reaction
Tsuji-Trost Reaction
Trost Allylation

Ugi Reaction
Ullmann Reaction
Upjohn Dihydroxylation

Vicarious Nucleophilic Substitution
Vilsmeier Reaction

Wacker-Tsuji Oxidation
Weinreb Ketone Synthesis
Wenker Synthesis
Willgerodt-Kindler Reaction
Williamson Synthesis
Wittig-Horner Reaction
Wittig Reaction
[1,2]-Wittig Rearrangement
[2,3]-Wittig Rearrangement
Wohl-Ziegler Reaction
Wolff-Kishner Reduction
Wolff Rearrangement
Woodward cis-Hydroxylation
Woodward Reaction
Wurtz Reaction
Wurtz-Fittig Reaction

Yamaguchi Esterification

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