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6 Month Preparation Plan to Crack JEE Main 2015

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JEE Main 2015 Study Plan – JEE Main 2015 Preparation Time Table – Study Plan for JEE Main 2015 Entrance Test 

6 Month Preparation Plan to Crack JEE Main 2015 JEE Main 2015 Entrance Exam will be Conducted Every Year for Providing Admissions to B.Tech Engineering Programs in Indian Premier Institutes like NITs, IIITs, CFIs and SFIs. All Students who are preparing to Crack JEE Main 2015 Entrance Test are hereby Informed that the has Prepared a 6 Months Preparation Plan to Crack JEE Main 2015 Entrance Test. Students who aspires to Crack JEE Main 2015 Entrance Test has to Cover all the Subjects as per the Dates and Schedules so that the Students can cove all Subjects and Topics in Six Months.

Here comes the 6 Months study plan for JEE Main 2015 Entrance Test. those who have Started preparation for JEE Main 2015 Entrance Test can start Preparing now using this plan. Students should complete the mentioned Topics as per the scheduled moths so that they can easily cover the entire JEE Main 2015 Syllabus. 

6 Month Preparation Plan to Crack JEE Main 2015  :  





Physics Rotational Dynamics, Heat and Thermodynamics
Chemistry Basic Mole Concepts, stoichiometry, Atomic Structure and Chemical Bonding
Mathematics Theory of Probability, Binomial Theorem and Permutations & Combinations


Physics Gravitation, Units and Dimensions
Chemistry ElectroChemistry, Chemical and Ionic Equilibrium
Mathematics Circles and Conic Section


Physics Work, Power and Energy, Electrostatics and Current Electricity
Chemistry Chemical Energetics, Solid State, Nuclear & Surface Chemistry, s and p block elements
Mathematics Trigonometric Functions, Inverse trig.functions, Trig.Equations, Properties of Triangle


Physics Magnetic effects and Magnetism, Electro Magentic Induction and Alternating Current
Chemistry States of Matter, General Organic Chemistry, Alkanes, Alkenes and Alkynes
Mathematics Straight Lines and pair of lines, Functions and graphs, Matrices and Determinants


Physics Modern Physics
Chemistry Benzene and Phenols, Alkyl Halides, Halo Arenes and Alcohols, Amines, Amino acids and Peptides
Mathematics Differential Calculus and Integral Calculus


Physics Properties of Matter and Oscillation of Waves
Chemistry Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxilic Acids, Practical Organic Chemistry
Mathematics Vector Algebra & 3 D Goemetry and Differential Equations

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