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Its time for the Foreign Universities to set their Campus in India

October 7th, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

It’s a dream for every student to study in foreign universities. This was a hot topic for the politicians in india few months back and the government of India has decided to make some reforms in the educational system. As a result of this the government of India has invited few foreign universities to set their campus in India.

Its time for the Foreign Universities to set their Campus in India

Indian Education System has become a curse of the students in India.  In the past 3 years the employment rate has been decreased rapidly and the students don’t even know how the course will be helpful for them to get employed. Most of the Multi National Companies in India and Abroad are not considering the Degree’s issued by the Indian Universities. So students are confused whether to be happy with their course completion or to be sad as those certificates are not helping them in getting jobs. So Indian government strongly believes that inviting foreign universities in india will be a solution for this problem. The foreign universities bill was brought in the House in the year 2010 and it’s the right time for the approval. As most populated country in the world China has followed the same to make reforms in their educational system and got succeeded.

Lack of Basic Amenities :

The major reason why Indian degrees are not accepted by some of the Major Multi National Companies is lack of basic amenities. Inefficient lecturers, basic facilities, Old passion said the planning commission. There are lots of lecturers in the educational institutions in India but still they are not successful in making a student an qualified person to get in to an MNC as an employee. This is the reason none of the Indian Educational institutes Including IITs, NITs, IIITs and Deemed Universities are in the Top 200 Educational institutes in the world. But at the same time 6 Educational institutes are there from China. But our students are running towards America, Britan, Canada. This may be strange but the Indian students are even rushing towards the countries like Singapore and Malaysia.

This is the right time to pass that bill and invite the best Educational institutions and universities to India and provide the quality education for the students  which can make them competitors all among the world.

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