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Karnatakata CET 2013 Allotment Process

Introduction To Online Option Entry Karnataka  CET 2013

View Full Size ImageAll the students who are applying for the Online Entry 2013 for Common Entrance Test in Karnataka state are hereby informed that the Karnataka Examination Authority KEA has announced its process. You can see the procedure of online option entry here.

CET 2013 Allotment Process :

CET 2013 allotment process allots seats for admission to Medical, Dental Indian system of Medicine and Homeopathy Engineering, Architectural and Farm science courses. The allotment of seats will be done online by obtaining options from the eligible candidates in the order of ranks in the CET 2013 based on the options given by them.

Verification of Documents :

Verification of documents will be done in at least 13 notified help line centers across the state after declaration of merit list. Only upon the verification of documents and issue of verification slip The candidates will allow to enter their options. The entire process of allotments is controlled by sophisticated soft wares and high en computer which examines my nuclue the options given by the candidate for allotment of best possible seat to candidate as per the rank and discipline which he/she is interested in. For example the candidate is interested only in medical then he/she will be shown the entire list of colleges for medical seat only. There are 38 medical colleges and he/she can give all 38 options but in the order of priority. The computer will decide the best seat available for allotment as per rank the and options of the candidate. If the candidate is interested in only Electronics branch of Engineering he/she can give preference only to Electronics only in all the engineering colleges. There are about 186 colleges computers will become option available as per merit and order of priority. In other words the candidates are free to give options in as many colleges as they dean fit. The more number of options the better it is for the candidate to secure the seat of their choice. In case the candidate is eligible in both engineering and medical and his/her best interest is in medical then he/she has to give as many options as possible for medical. Then in order of preference of medical should be more than other disciples the computer will then find the best option as per the rank and allot the seat to the candidate. Like once If the candidate is interested only in Engineering then he/she may skip enter a choice for medical and concentrate in only Engineering courses.

Allotment process :

The CET 2013 seat allotment process is executed in non-interactive online mode. The CET 2013 process consists of the following stages.1)announcements of ranks 2)verification of documents at help line centers 3)option entry through online mode 4)allotment process and 5)admission process. Candidates will be allow to enter their options only once. Which is before the first allotment session. The options enter by the candidates will be the basis for all further allotments. Unless there is a tradition of colleges andor courses. Therefore candidates are advised to enter all possible options in other words candidates are advised to enter the more number of options for all the disciplines to which they are eligible and interested as there is no provision to add the options after the first allotment session. The home page of the option entry side for CET 2013 for the first time you have to enter your CET number in the text box.Then enter the text shown below correctly and click the submit button. Now enter the CET application number. The application number you need to enter is as printed on your CET application. You would have got an secret key number when your documents is verified at the help line center. Please enter that key number.

Creation of Password :

Now you are going to create a password for login into the site again. please enter the password with a minimum of 8 characters which would have the alphabets and numbers. Re enter your password in the confirm password box. The text box captures your mobile number which is used for sms alerts provide your email id which is used for email alerts. Choose a secret question from a list provided and provide a answer.This is done to recover the password that you forgot. Click login. To login to the option entry website you have to enter your CET number in this text box. Then enter your application number and your CET number you have now reached the online option entry main menu. On the top you can see your name, CET number and CET rank in different discipline. In which your eligible to do the actual option entry click on the candidate option entry link. You have reached the option entry page. Here you can see 3 panels. The first panel is used for adding your options the second panel is used to modified your selected options either by re arranging or deleting options. The third panel shows the options you have entered.

Selection of  Options :

Now lets looks at a model of option entry. The candidate by name sachin has all the 12 CET ranks. Sachin decides that his first priority is Engineering and decides to give an Engineering option as first option. So he clicks Engineering book mark in option entry panel. now all the Engineering options are displayed in the option entry panel. He can scroll across the various Engineering options displayed college wise. He chooses the options E154ce that is Civil Engineering in Government Engineering college as his first option by entering one in the box provided against the option and click the save and submit button. You can see the option added message under the option entry panel and The selected option is shown on the modified selected options panel and also under the selected options panel. Sachin now decides to give the medical option so he clicks on the Medical bookmark and gives Bangalore Medical college as second option and gives Bangalore as third options and he decides to give fourth option as Ismnh the Government Ayurvedic college in Bangalore. Then he decides to give fifth option in Metarnary science gives Metarnary college in Bangalore as fifth option and saves them all by clicking the same submit button. Sachin wants to finds the codes Eoolce from the list of options he clicks the search link he enters E00lce and clicks on search button E001ce option comes up. and sachin makes it option 6 after a while Sachin feels like changing his options so he login with his CET number, application number, key number and password. option entry screen appears and long with his entered options. He wants to make Metarnary college Bangalore which is his fifth option as his 2nd option and Bangalore medical college as fifth option. For this he simply interchanges his priorities in the modified selected options panel by changing options under bmc as 5 and meternary college Bangalore as 2 and clicks update button. Now you can see that sachins options are interchanged. Sachin decides to remove the 6th option he enters the 0 against the 6th option and clicks the update buttion. Now you can see that his 6th option is removed for both the panels and the option is returned to the option entry panel. Finally satisfied with his options sachin decides to take the print out of the option report for that he clicks on the option report printing in the selected option panel. sachin can take the report by either clicking the short or detailed link. The short link is suitable if the number of options exceed 15 and the detailed version is suitable of options sachin clicks on the detailed link. the detailed options report appears as document a you can print it or save it in the system. During the allotment in the Medical round Sachin gets allotted the seat in KEAMS  Bangalore which is his 3rd option. Later the Engineering round the system will consider the options 1 above 3 and allots the Engineering seat in E154ce in KEAMS Bangalore this happens because e154ce is option above KEAMS Bangalore now we will learn about managing your account by changing the password, mobile number or email and viewing in the login history. Login to the option entry side click on the change password link under account setting enter your old password enter your new password confirm the new password click on the change password you will see the message password changed successfully click on back to home. Now we will find out how to see the list of colleges and courses available for option entry. on the right top corner of the page click on the college list. for example select medical counter you will be able to see the list of medical colleges click on the engineering page to view the list of engineering colleges and courses. Similarly you can also visit agriculture bsc page. Go back to the option entry page. on the right and corner of the page click on the course list link here you can get the list of courses along with the description. Now will learn how to use an option worksheet. An option worksheet will help the candidate to prepare with the options. Login to option entry page click on the option work sheet. The option entry work sheet appears with the worksheet that indicates the disciplines e for engineering m for medical i for ismn a for architecture the type indicates g for government a for private agent b for private unagent c for in universities and m for minorities institutions college course codes details are available from page no. 79 to 96 in CET 2013 position. now your decision on the discipline college and course in the order of priority beginning with the serial no. 1 should be entered in the column option number to work with these options offline and to make changes to see on options choose to print this sheet by clicking it triple KEA requests all the candidates to go through these exercise without fail. So that online option entry time can be optimize in the detailed option worksheet names of the colleges are also indicated. The CET 2013 allotment will be done after completion of option entry page CET 2013 allotment is non-interactive, fast and optimized by providing the eligible candidates with the best of the best seat in the shortest possible time it ensures earlier candidate satisfaction and facilitate faster admission process.

Non – Interactive Allotment Process :

The non-interactive allotment process is most optimized and easy process for allotment to profession technical courses. The process is fast and convenient to the candidate as it allows for the participation from any location at is with the help of an internet unable computer. This process also makes sure that the candidate with multiple ranks is allotted only a single seat there by providing a opurtunate for other participated candidates. Thus the blocking of multiple seats by a single candidate is made impossible. The candidate may not participate in the multiple physical round to get the full benefits of candidate conversion of seats. the benefits of seat category conversion is fully delivered to all the candidates in the fist session of allotment. the process gurarinee best of the best seat allotment as for the existing seat matrix in the first and the only benefit for participating in further allotment session would be for the not admitted and surrounded seats after the 1st session. this will inter lead to earlier candidate satisfaction and earlier admissions to college possible. the allotment process of CET 2013 performs allotment based on 12 different ranks. The ranks may be divided into 3 major categories the CET ranks. That is medical, engineering, ismh, and architecture ranks the farm Sciences ranks that is food science, agriculture, bsc rank, Me ternary Science rank, B.Tech agriculture engineering rank and Agriculturist rank. One candidate can have one or more rank but only a single seat is allotted based on his/her options. There are 20  courses and 5 professional streams available in the CET 2013 and the courses coming under the medical stream that is medical and dental courses are allotted using the medical rank. The courses under the ismh steam are allotting using ismsh rank. the engineering courses are allotted using engineering ranks. The architecture course is allotted based on the NATA rank and all the courses under the Farm Science stream are allotted based on 8 different Farm sciences ranks. the allotment to Farm Science courses are introduced newly in CET 2013 and the allotment to this courses are done along with the CET 2013 allotment process. The allotment will be done based on 8 different Farm science ranks. There will be separate farm science ranks under practical quota for Agriculturist students who appeared for the practical examination. There are around 4000 seats under the farm science stream. the farms science ranks and the respective courses are given in the table. The diagram gives an over view of the allotment process of CET 2013 the allotment process is done by high and sophisticated softwares which carefully examines the options given by the candidates and allots seats as per his/her ranks and the availability in seat matrix. The allotment is not like online options like option entry and no interaction is required by the candidate. Karnataka Examinations Authority executes the allotment in high security informer as an offline process. The results of allotment will be published later on online which initiates the admission process. The inputs to the allotment process are candidates details like reservation quota, the different rank list, the options collected through online option entry process, the opening seat matrix, the allotment roaster and various rules for allotment. the allotment roaster plays a key role in allotting seats in different categories. The roaster defines in what order the various categories seats have to be allotted to candidates in different categories. for example a candidate will be offered a first a general merit seat if available. Otherwise he/she will be offered a seat in respective category if available. The major process in a allotment process is the allotment of seat to the candidate if the candidate gets re allotted to a higher option it is called re allotment seat upgradition is the process. When the category of an allotted seat upgraded to higher category in the roaster when the success ed get released during a allotment. For example if the candidate allotted with a seat under the reserved category his/her upgreted to a seat under general merit quota for a same course when the correspondence general merit list is released during allotment. The round control defines how many rounds of allotment are required for most optimized allotment. The inter rounds seat conversation groups will defines the seat conversion and proper order of conversion between rounds. The primary output of allotment process is in allotment itself. The allotment will be verified and published on web after the allotment process. The closing seat matrix will shows the balance of seats after allotment process. The allotment process will also provides various logs and reports like candidates allotment tracks, seat tracks and seat matrix tracks etc. The softwares also facilitates reports showing why the candidate did not getting his/her higher options. A candidate who is allotted a seat in allotment session can take admission through admission process. The admission process consists of 3 important steps. 1)the payment of fees, 2)getting admission order and 3)reporting to college.

Payment of Fees :

The payment of fees can be done either through online or offline. The online payment offers payment of admission fee using net banking, debit card and credit card. The candidates choosing offline mode can download/print the admission order immediately after completion of payment. candidates can also choose to pay by offline mode like Indian bank counter payment or CET Counter Payment. The candidate choosing to pay through Indian bank counter payment can print the Callahan online in the website and proceed to any Indian bank counters to complete the payments. The admission order will be ready to download one day after the Indian bank counter payment candidates may also choose to complete the process at any of the CET online helpline centers. Candidates must report to the allotted colleges with in the speculated date by submitting the admission order. If a candidate is fully satisfied with allotment and do not wish to participate in the further allotment sessions then she/ he do the following. Pay the fees and download admission order.

Admission Process :

Indicate not to participate further. report to college, the implications of this choice are the seat will not be return to the seat matrix and bill remain with the candidate. The candidate will be blocked for the allotment sessions all options will removed by the system automatically. If the candidate is satisfied with the allotment but wishes to participate in next allotment session he/she should do the following. Pay the fees and download the admission order the implications are the seat will not be returned to the seat matrix and will remain with the candidate. candidate can participate in next allotment session. All options below the allotted option along with allotted option will be removed. Provision for altering the order of above allotted options will be provide. Provision to add options of new college/course. No provision to add any options that existed before allotment. by taking a decision to pay the fees and all the seat without taking admission the candidate expresses his/her willingness in joining the allotted college. If a better option is not allotted in further allotments and the candidate becomes bound to take admission for that seat if he/she is not allotted better seat in further allotments. If the candidate is not satisfied with allotment but wishes to participate in next allotment session he/she will need not do anything. The implications are the seat will be returned to seat matrix. the candidate can participate in next allotment session. all options below the allotted option along with allotted option will be removed. Provision for altering the order of above allotted options. Provision to add options of new college/course will also be provided. but no provision to add any options that existed before allotment. If the candidate will not satisfied with allotment and do not wish to participate in the further allotment sessions that is quit the CET 2013 allotment process then he/she must indicate not to participate further. The implications are seat will be returned to seat matrix. The candidate will be blocked from attending further allotment sessions. All options will be removed by the system automatically. Now see what happens to the candidate who dint get any allotment. All the options will be retained. the provision for altering the order of entered options. The provision to add options of new college/course will also be provided but no provision to add any options that existed before allotment. Karnataka Examination Authority has tried all around to help the students to get into their steams they want to choose the course of colleges of their choice. with the non-interactive allotment process KEA has taken an another step forward to optimize use of time, money and opportunity of students and parents to help every student to get the right opportunity and the best seat available in the shortest possible time. the Karnataka Examination Authority KEA trusts that the non-interactive allotment process will improve wise on the seat selection process and help students to get the best of their choice with almost transparency.

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