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EAMCET 2012 Rank Predictor

EAMCET 2012 Rank Estimator – Predictor – EAMCET Final Rank Calculation Procedure – EAMCET 2012 Merit Rank Calculator  

EAMCET 2012 Rank Predictor - Final Rank Calculation Procedure Students who appeared for EAMCET 2012 Entrance Test on May 12th 2012 are hereby informed that the has Analyzed the EAMCET 2012 Final Ranks using the EAMCET 2012 Rank Calculation Procedure.

As Per the Our Analysis these are the EAMCET Ranks for Marks in the EAMCET 2012 Entrance Test. Students who are interested can check the EAMCET 2012 Rank Predictor.

EAMCET 2012 Rank Predictor – EAMCET 2012 Rank VS Marks  : 

EAMCET 2012 Rank Predictor


EAMCET 2012 Final Ranking Calculation procedure:

  • For Example A candidate X scores 140 out of 160 marks in EAMCET. Then the calculation of 75% of EAMCET weightage is done like this: 140/160*75 = 65.625 (Marks scored in EAMCET / Total Marks in EAMCET *75)
  • In Intermediate he Scores 560 out of 600 Marks, then the calculation of 25% of IPE weightage goes like this: 560/600 * 25 = 23.230.(Marks scored in IPE /Total Marks in IPE *25)
  • Adding these two weightages ( 75% +25% ) then comes the combined weightage : 65.625+23.330 = 88.995.

If More Students get same Marks (TIE) ?

In case of a tie, the comparison for a better rank would be arrived at by first considering the total marks in EAMCET and if they are also equal, marks scored in Mathematics or Biology would be the next consideration. If there is a tie again, marks scored in Physics in EAMCET would come into picture and even if they are equal, the total marks obtained in the Intermediate examination (including languages and practicals) would be considered. If there is still a tie, date of birth of the candidate would be considered and the older one would get the first preference.

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  2. priya
    June 30th, 2012 at 12:06 | #2

    I got 4984 rank in eamcet. Could I get a seat for mbbs for the.oc reservation. Then suggest me any other good branches to do

  3. Asim
    July 12th, 2012 at 15:09 | #3

    I have not qualified in eamcet.but i need seat in engineering.

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    Plz issued our minoritz ranks soon

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    July 14th, 2012 at 09:18 | #5

    Sir,Iam pavan I got eamcet in 40215 rank and cast BC-A pls tell me which college requied this rank

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