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EAMCET 2011 Final Rank Calculation

Aspirants who appeared for EAMCET 2011 which was conducted on may 22nd 2011 are now Busy in calculating their Ranks as the EAMCET Organizers had Released the Initial Key of EAMCET 2011. For Calculating Final EAMCET rank aspirants must calculate their Marks scored in Intermediate . As per the new system, marks secured in three subjects of EAMCET would be calculated for 75 per cent and they would be added to the 25 per cent equivalent of the marks scored in the core subjects in Intermediate.
EAMCET 2011 - EAMCET Final Ranking Calculation Procedure - EAMCET 2010 Ranking Details - EAMCET Final Admissions
Click Here for EAMCET 2011 Result : EAMCET 2011 Final Result

Ranking Calculation procedure:

  • For Example A candidate X scores 140 out of 160 marks in EAMCET. Then the calculation of 75% of EAMCET weightage is done like this: 140/160*75 = 65.625 (Marks scored in EAMCET / Total Marks in EAMCET *75)
  • In Intermediate he Scores 560 out of 600 Marks, then the calculation of 25% of IPE weightage goes like this: 560/600 * 25 = 23.230.(Marks scored in IPE /Total Marks in IPE *25)
  • Adding these two weightages ( 75% +25% ) then comes the combined weightage : 65.625+23.330 = 88.995.

If More Students get same Marks (TIE) ?

In case of a tie, the comparison for a better rank would be arrived at by first considering the total marks in EAMCET and if they are also equal, marks scored in Mathematics or Biology would be the next consideration. If there is a tie again, marks scored in Physics in EAMCET would come into picture and even if they are equal, the total marks obtained in the Intermediate examination (including languages and practicals) would be considered. If there is still a tie, date of birth of the candidate would be considered and the older one would get the first preference.

Final admission :

The final rank will be given only after the advanced supplementary examinations results are declared. Though the marks will not be taken into account for calculating the rank, the final admission would be given based on ranks only.

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    calculation of rankings and engineering colleges in 2011

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    in 2011 my rank in eamcet was 3000. in which college i would get a seat in engineering. belongs to BC.B category.

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